1. Is it just me or the rhythm of the video is to fast paced? Quite confusing to follow the bullet point when the 'screenshots' are also full of textual information. Constructive critique was meant 😉

  2. This is a terrible video. It's like a pitch deck With extremely convoluted visual content and without the presenter actually pitching.

  3. So basically its a tool for Google to sell WebP to developers, hoping that they will put their entire websites on your servers for Google to go crazy on the analytics over. Got it…

  4. I dont get it – is it going to offer courses on web topics, is it free tutorials and guides .. what is the purpose of this website ?

  5. Your lighthouse sucks. Fast websites are not counted as fast. You want us to just use html and css? How can i even minify the code of react and facebook third party? Using webp? No thanks. Modularize the JS? Nope, still counted as slow by lighthouse. Use popup? Congrats, instant "very slow" status.

  6. Ok but… What is this for? Another udemy?
    Also we should start to get PROPER code in web dev. I'm tired of seeing those 3 or 4 HTTP request for a simple thing or having to fill the form again because some part on the backend failed. Everyone can make a website, the hard part is to make it efficient.

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