Is it HARD to get into Blockchain as a web developer?

Is it HARD to get into Blockchain as a web developer?

Hi guys this is Julien and you’re on EatTheBlocks and in this video I’m gonna talk of is it easy to get into
Blockchain when you are a web developer? So personally I’ve transitioned from web
development to Blockchain a few years ago but at the beginning I was really
afraid because when you think about blockchain you think about all these
really complex topics like networking, like cryptography and when you are a web
developer you don’t necessarily do this on a daily basis. So the big
misconception of most people who want to get into Blockchain is that they think that
they need to become core developers. So core developers are the people who work
on the actual Blockchain software but actually in the blockchain industry
there are very few people who do this. So you can compare this easily with the web
for example. So on the web probably that you use some database like MySQL or
PostgreSQL, and you also use browsers like chrome, like Firefox, but do you know anything about the coding of these
software? Probably not because these are really low-level code base that use
directly the API of operating systems. But as a web developer you never have to do
this. You build on top of these code bases but you don’t get inside .You just use
their API. Well in the blockchain world this is exactly the same thing. You’re
just going to use the API of the Blockchain but you’re not going to to understand it
to understand the inner working of blockchain at a very very detailed level.
So what you’re going to do is you’re going to build decentralized
applications, what we call Dapp, on top of this blockchain. And when you use them
this blockchain API actually all of this is based on web technology. So you will
be able to leverage everything you already know. So a decentralized
applications it’s actually 90pct based on web technology. So if
you are a web developer it’s not that difficult to get into blockchain once you start to
realize this. By the way, if you want to learn about the whole process of how you
can make it from a web development position to a blockchain position then
you can follow a free email course that I’ve created where I’m gonna tell you
all my secrets of how I did myself three years ago and how I got my first
blockchain job job that was remote and super well paid. So just follow this free
course, you can find the link in the description. That’s it for this video on
whether is it easy or not to transition to blockchain from a web development
position. If you want to see more video like this subscribe to this channel and
if you have any questions ask them in a comment below. Thanks for watching guys, see you for the next video bye bye!

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