Jetpack: Erster Propellerrucksack für jedermann

Martin Aircraft, a company from New Zealand,
is planning to produce the Martin Jetpack in series and introduce it to the market this
very year. So far there have only been prototypes. The idea of a jetpack came up in the fifties,
so did first military attempts to build one. But now even private individuals can fulfill
their dream of flying. Two rotors lift the pilot up to 2400 meters. Its engine has 200
hp, the highest travel speed is a 100 km/h. The jetpack is controlled by two joysticks.
Due to high mileage and a tank capacity of 20 liters, maximum flying time is half an
hour, approximately 50 km. In case of an engine malfunction, a parachute ensures safety.
At the beginning of production the jetpack comes up to the price of a top-of-the-range
car. Long term acquisition costs shall drop to the price of a mid-range car.
Should you consider buying one of these, latency adds up to one year. At the moment most orders
come from the middle east and china. In the time to come Martin Aircraft plans to manufacture
500 jetpacks per year and to realize revenues of a 100 million dollars.

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