Shit. Ey. What’s wrong? It’s 1 pm. Your grandmother and my mother are already here. Get dressed. Yeah. Yeah. Didn’t want to wake you up, guys. See you tonight. 😉 Good Morning. How did you know I’m awake? You’re constantly moving your leg up and down for half an hour now. Sorry. Did you sleep well? Yes. Do you know what time it is? 1 pm. I should leave. What are you up to? Nothing. We could go swimming at the lake. Unless you want to get rid of me. How could I say “no” to that? Ey! And now: make me breakfast. You mean: You’ll make me breakfast. Keep dreaming. Not like that, mister! Yes. I’m coming. Be careful. You’ll break the basket. Here. Thank you. He can’t even sign a card for me? You know that your father is very busy. Sure. Oh wow. That looks so nice! How are you? Good. Thanks. Where is Leopold? Honey? He’s getting dressed. Ah okay. I brought you guys a present. Tada! Where did you get that from? Is that really necessary? We don’t need to rub it into the neighbors faces. Do we? It’s a rainbow. I know. Ah there you are! See, once I’m not there you oversleep. I love you too. Mom, that’s Leopold. Hello. Nice to meet you. Leopold. Mrs. Brikmann. Hello. I’m gonna shower real quick. Aren’t they cute? I bet you haven’t had breakfast. Let me see what you guys have around and maybe I can cook you something before we start with our hard work. Okay? Of course! This way? Yes. He came home and found Noah being fucked by someone else. And then he lost it. And he didn’t beat him up? No. Jan is just not like that. Otherwise he could have spanked Noah once in a while. Why is sex so damn important? Well. It is part of it all. I want to be physically close to someone I like. Hm. Hm. After all it’s just sex. “Just”? I like sex. That I believe. Can you give me the towel? Why don’t you get it yourself? Please. Thank you. I assume we won’t go to a nude beach? You like nude beaches? Now I do. Sorry to disappoint you. Too bad. Don’t get too upset. Fine. Only because it’s you. Oh that’s my sister. She can’t cook either. Are you hurt? Let me take care of that. I can do it myself. I am so sorry. Tomorrow I’m gonna buy you a new one. You did that on purpose. Lukas. What? What? Don’t act all innocent. It wasn’t on purpose. You ruin everything you touch! What do you even want from me? Is the situation at home so shitty? Am I suddenly good enough again? Lukas. That’s enough. Yes. That is enough. I want you to be gone when I come back. Got it?! He didn’t mean it. I think he did. Don’t worry to much. It’s gonna be all right. Don’t touch me. I know you feel attacked but Lukas will calm down again. He is just very hurt. Don’t tell me how I should raise my child.
I am his mother, not you. Then start behaving like his mother. Since then I haven’t heard anything from him. But I was alwasy focused on my mom anyways. Do you get along with your dad? Yes. We used to go on vacation in Sweden. Just the two of us. We owned a small cabin at a lake. While all kids in my class were desperately waiting for christmas I just wanted the summer holidays to finally start so we would drive up there again. In Sweden he taught me how to swim. I was so afraid that there would be monsters in the lake. I can’t swim. I never learned how to do it. He just ran away. As if there was nothing holding him back. As if I wouldn’t exist. Can I ask you something? Sure. Why do you pay me? That’s not for you. That’s for the taxi driver. Every time we meet you give me money. For your taxi. Yes. It doesn’t feel like it. I just want you to get home safely. Bullshit. Why do you pay me? I’m not a prostitute. Of course not. Why the stupid money? Because I really like you. So? I have a boyfriend. I am sorry. I didn’t see that coming. Sure. If I would have known that I would fall for you I would never have written you in the first place. So you can cheat on your boyfriend. That makes it all okay. No. Did you really think it would be any different if you paid me like a cheap whore? Maybe in the beginning. But I really like you. I don’t want it all to end now. You want me too, don’t you? What’s that? I don’t understand. You get exactly what you want. You get sex. As much as you want. And once you’re done I get my money and I leave. Got it? I don’t want you like that. That’s all you get. Think about it. We are too far away from the beach. Don’t worry. I’ll look after you. Promise? Promise. What are you doing? Teach me how to swim. I changed my mind. Come on. It’s easy. You know the movements. It is pretty cozy here. I think I’ll stay. Come here. It’s your fault if I drown. Close your mouth. Oh god! I’m swimming! Very good! I’m a natural. You are. I really liked it. Will you come over tomorrow? No. Come on. I’ll pay again. No. Sorry. I’ll double your payment. Please. I want to see you again. No! I really like you… Ok. And, Raphael? How was it? Good. Good. Do you think they’ll give you the job? Maybe. Okay.

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