Learn English With Harry Potter

Aww yeah, we got a really fantastic
lesson for you today with Harry Potter! So I’m a big Harry Potter fan!
I think it’s probably one of the best stories of all times, and it’s really great for
learning languages. In fact the first ever book that
I read in Spanish was Harry Potter and I even read the final book in German. The scene that we have
for you to learn with today is a really iconic one from the first movie where Harry, Ron, and
Hermione meet for the first time ever. So I really want you to
pay attention to the language used here. It’s really great for learning how to
make a proper introduction in English, for having a good first conversation, and
especially for how to be polite when you speak in English. Plus, you’re going to learn a bunch
of British pronunciation, connected speech, magic related
vocabulary, and even a little bit of slang. So if you are new here,
every single week we help learners like you be able to understand fast-speaking natives
without getting lost, without missing the jokes,
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