Learning to live with prosopagnosia (scene, Faces in the Crowd, 2011)

Learning to live with prosopagnosia (scene, Faces in the Crowd, 2011)

Hi. Miss Marchant! Hello! I just wanted to tell you. Oh, God. Everything you said… you were right. When I was 16… I had two
passions in life. Horse-back riding
and opera. I dreamt of being
the next Callas. Until the horse threw me
head-first into a brick wall. The accident
left me deaf… and I had to rule out
an operatic career. You’re deaf? Oh, yes, as a post. I have to read
your lips to know what you’re saying. But I can still
hear Wagner. I just have to close
my eyes and listen. And you too are going
to have to learn… to find your
inner music. Everyone always goes on
about sight, hearing, smell. But there’s
another sense. A hidden one. The Japanese
call it “muga. ” It’s the sense that
allows you to walk… without having to think about putting
one foot in front of the other. You lose this sense… and you will become like
some of my other patients. Socially paralyzed… withdrawing from the world
into the safety of isolation. That’s a tempting option. No, I don’t want
that. I wanna live normally. Every day people
are going to resent you… for not recognizing
who they are. They’ll call you rude,
forgetful, stupid, liar. Now, are you willing
to fight back… with all your might? Yeah. To try and try again without losing
heart, without giving an inch? Yes. Good. Then let’s get to work. Allow me
to introduce you… to Mike… and Maggie. Hard to tell apart at
first sight, aren’t they? Take a closer look. Maggie is a little
paler, don’t you think? Oh, and look.
She had this scar… on her forehead. You see? It gets more complicated when you have
to pick Mike and Maggie out at a party… among all
the other guests. Yeah. You’re going to learn to focus
on distinctive markers in people. A mole, a tattoo,
their gait. Anything that stands out that makes
it easier to identify that person. Right. What’s the first thing you look
at in a man, after his face? My friends and I
look at his butt. Well, what else
is there to look at? Right. Paler in complexion,
small scar on the forehead. That’s Maggie. Congratulations.

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