LESBIAN short FILM | El Contacto Cero WEB SERIE ▶️ Coming OUT story #2 ✅

When I was little I stayed alone at home during summer time. It was very hot and I got naked. I went to my parents’ room. I opened the drawer where my father kept his underwear and I took a pair of underpants. I put them on and I got in front of the mirror to look at myself. They were too big. I laid down on my parent’s bed. And I started touching myself. I think it was the first time I did it. I’m fine. Are you sure? Yes. I don’t mind. No, seriously, I’m fine. Usually I don’t do this. What do you mean? Fucking? No…but we know each other for a very short time. And here I am, in your bed. Are you used to do it? I have not done it for a while. Now is when you ask me if I have been with many girls? Have you been with many girls? I don’t know, it depends on who you compare me with. I think something normal, and you? You’re my third. And if you have been three years with the same girl and you are thirty-four… When did you came out? When I was thirty. If you want to take a shower, in the second drawer there are clean towels. Do you want to take a shower with me? No, I will shower later. Does it bother you to shower with me? No, is not that. I want to go out to smoke. Ok, I go with you. Alone. Do not take it wrong. Hi! Look, this is Lola. My sister has prepared two beds. I see. You have a lesbian sister and you are unable to tell her that you’re coming to London with a ‘friend’? I don’t like people knowing about my life. Yeah, right. Get off me! Are you sure that you don’t want to take a shower with me? I could make you come. No! Go to the shower, come on. You are a little bit rough; you know that? Yes, I’m worse than a cat. And you’ve always been like this? Have you had any long relationship? I was with a girl for ten years. That’s a lot. What happened? Love was over. Aren´t you the one who says that crush could ends but we must know how to love? Yes, that’s why we last ten years together, becose we loved each other. But sometimes that’s not enough. When was all this? Like four years ago. And after that have you been with somebody? (phone ringing) End of the interrogation. Now, go to the shower. Come on, take a shower with me. We can be fucking all night long. I don’t need to fuck all night long. Really? that’s weird. Because at the beginning of a relationship you cannot stop doing it. However you are stopping me all the time, and you are also so insensitive. Who said that we are starting a relationship? Well, we are both mature enough for that nonsenses, don´t you think? Precisely for that reason, I barely know you. We are just having an affair, only sex, that’s all. It´s what you are going to find when you turn thirty-four. Either desperate people or people that knows what they want. (Knock on the door) Álex? Are you there? (Álex´s sister opens the door) (Álex´s sister footsteps sound coming into the room) (Álex´s sister get out and close the door) Fuck, I almost drowned! I adore you. I could spend all night long kissing you. And… Before you’re sister came… I’ve realized that I love you. Well, we should get dress and go for a walk around London, what do you think? Seriously? You know what, we are not compatible, we lack connection. So, it’s nonsense to continue with this. But we can still be friends, ok? But don’t get excited, just friends. You didn’t understand me before. I don’t like you; I don’t like fucking with you. I think you are horrible at it. So, get your stuff and get out. Get out of here, dammit! I love you too. I don’t know why I deny it; I can’t help it. I don’t know how to be in a relationship. I do. Teach me.

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