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Don’t worry, sir. You’ve to use it like once a day. Once a day? You mean during the day, not night? What if I use it at night? Day or night, anytime, sir. Whenever you’re ready. Madam, will this solve my problem? Yes, sir, it will solve your problem.
Just apply that lotion. Madam, are you sure? Have you ever tried it yourself? How can I try it on myself?
It’s just for men, right? Okay-okay! Are you completely sure, that… …if I use this lotion,
it will solve my problem? I mean…I can have sex! Yes, you can. I’ve already told you, sir. Madam, can I call
you if there’s a problem? Will me ‘machine-gun’ stay unharmed? I mean any side-effects? No…there won’t be any side-effects! Bye, good night. Goodnight, madam. Actually, I had another question… Hi. Hi… Why such a long ‘hi’? Is everything okay? There’s a bloody client… He keeps calling me all day… …for a number of different problems. “Madam, I’ve got this…
Madam, I’ve got that…” I feel like taking
a knife and cutting it off. bas**** I think he enjoys calling you. Enjoyment? Next time I’ll prescribe
him a lotion, which… Anyway…forget it. You say. How was your day? Totally absurd. I wonder who that
cheap pilot thinks he is. He’s always flirting around with me. By the way,
I am going out for dinner with Raj. Raj?
– Yes… With Raj. So let me get ready quickly. Sanu baby,
see I am a doctor, you know. And no one knows better than me… …that men always think
from below their belts. What? That this Raj is a good
person or not… These guys don’t care
about love or feelings! I see… Then why don’t you
tell me what they do? Tell me… Sanu… They are only interested
in a ‘surgical strike’ on our body. For which they use these
stupid things like love. That’s it. I don’t think so, babe. F*** off if you don’t think so. All you should know is that
life doesn’t always take a U-turn. Just be sure about this bloody Raj,
love, and whatever it is. Just confirm it.
– I already have. Oh, Raj. Oh, Raj. Oh dear, Raj. Oh dear, Raj. Stay in your limits. Now I owe you 5000. I’ll pay you back on time…
Put it on my tab. You’ll pay me back? Have you ever returned money to me,
that you’ll do now? “Jimmy-Jimmy-Jimmy….
come-come-come on! “Jimmy-Jimmy-Jimmy….
come-come-come on! “Jimmy-Jimmy-Jimmy….
come-come-come on! “Jimmy-Jimmy-Jimmy….come-come-come on!
– Oh, God! Are you f**** crazy? Are you planning to knead
the dough all the time? Will you think ahead in life? What else should I think of? I am a DJ… my job’s mixing tracks. You two have girlfriends… All I can do is jerk off. No one can help you. If you’re hungry, go out and eat. I am going out. And even Raj’s out
on a date with his girl. Listen to me…
– Why you… What is it?
– Don’t ever touch me again. Ass*** Why would you guys feel hungry? I’ve got a big stomach… …but, you two are hungry
for something more? Great… I’ll go out. Who’s going to pay, you as*** Thank you. She wants to meet you. – But why? She’s my cousin after all. It’s obvious she wants to meet. She wants to know whether… …you’re a sophisticated,
well-educated and cultured guy for me? By the way, you should feel lucky. Lucky? Thanks, but for what? Because I’ve lost my heart to you. I love you.
– I love you too, baby. You know,
you’re such a sweetheart, baby. Thank you, baby. Waiter! Baby, I’ll just come
back in two minutes. Where are you going?
– Washroom, baby. Baby, bill?
– I already paid it. You’re always so hasty! I was coming. Was I too hasty in
falling in love too? What are you saying?
How can you even think like that? You do live alone, don’t you? So, friends,
that was today’s ‘ZaikeKa Safar’. See you tomorrow again,
same time, same place… …on your favorite FM 4.20… Messy… Why don’t you wear your underwear?
– I am wearing one. Take it off.
– Naughty. What happened?
– Nothing. Shall we?
– Let’s go. I got to pee… What the f*** My night-queen, you’re still awake. I was waiting for you. Waiting for me? Well, thank you so much. Actually, are you flying tomorrow? I was thinking why
don’t I meet Raj tomorrow. I see? Really? Actually,
you want to meet Raj and be assured… …whether I am sure or not. So let me tell you, baby. He’s very gentle,
very sophisticated, very… What else can I tell you about him? Yeah, right, on your first meeting… …you know how gentle,
how sophisticated, blah-blah he is. Blah-blah…
then let me tell you, baby. At least he does…
doesn’t matter how much. He doesn’t stay up
at nights reading books. Are you mad? – Wait… Let’s see what’s his problem. Hello, madam, I applied that lotion… …but nothing happened. Did you apply the lotion properly? Yes, madam. I and my friend,
we both applied it properly. But nothing happened?
– What? You’re laughing at… Get up you ass…
– What happened? What happened, Messhy. That pimp you took me to… …he kept asking me all night
whether I’ve done it before. I said it’s my first time… He took me to the brothel… …but the wh*** refused
to take such a big one. Finally, a nice lady
agreed to do it with me. I went with her in the room… …and we were about to
do it when the police arrived. They beat me up! Hi, baby.
– Hi, baby, good morning. Baby? – Good morning. Baby, wouldn’t it be wonderful
if we had breakfast today. Yeah…I’ll be there at sharp 10 am. No… I am coming over to your place,
in one hour. Okay.
Bye, see you. But, baby. What happened? Spill it out, as*** My girl’s coming over. She’s coming over at 10. I request you…I beg you… Please, Rocket.
I’ll pay back everything I owe. I’m not going…this is my home,
I am not going. Get lost!
– I told her that I live alone. What did you say? You live alone?
– Yes. What the f**…
now we’ll have to go out. I just told them yesterday
to give the clothes to the laundry. There’s underwear everywhere. Who could that be at this early hour? If it’s the milkman… …I’ll only give him
500-1000 rupees notes. Every morning he rings the bell. You? Yes, me! I told you I am coming over. But you said you’re coming over at 10. It’s still 20 minutes to 10 am. You just said yesterday
that I am always in a hurry. Remember? But…
– Forget that. Meet my best cousin, Pari. Pari, Raj. Raj. Raj Narang. Sanaya always says
good things about you. Thank you.
– Anyway, nice house. Nice house! Thank you. Please, sit. What would you have?
Like tea, coffee, or something else? what is available in something else? Like… generally. Generally, do you drink?
– No-no… I was saying if you
don’t want tea or coffee… …then I have juices as well. I’ve got some organic juices,
you know. I’ll have one later. How many rooms do you have? I mean, is it 1BHK or 2BHK?
– It’s a 2BHK. I’ve converted one of the
rooms into a working studio. Let me see your bedroom and studio,
shall we? Sure, why not?
– Come… Listen, Sanaya, let’s sit for a while. Let’s talk…it’s a
small house after all. Where do I take you, ass*** Who is that? And what’s he doing in your home? And what kind of language is he using? Hello? Is anybody there inside? I think Raj’s girl is here? I’ve definitely heard someone abuse. Are you going to tell us who that is? You said you live alone. Baby, I love alone… Listen
to me… – Then who is he? He’s just…
– Just call him. He’s…
– Please, just call him. Raj! Go and call him. Just break it up with him right now. He’s fooling you,
can’t you understand. Wait a minute. Hello. Hello. He’s my friend,
he lives all alone here. I just came here for some work. What the f*** …
You just scr**** yourself. Who told you to take Viagra. Come on. Lord, help me! Nothing happened. Hello. Let’s take another one. Nothing is happening? Is it fake? This bloody thing costs 600 rupees! It gives its impression
after 10 minutes!’ Jimmy! Jimmy! No, Jimmy! So big. Now we’re going to have fun. “We are all about having fun.” What the f*** It’s fun, but why is it paining? It’s alright, Jimmy. I’ll
douse your craving in the bathroom. Come on.
Here we go! That hurts, you f*** What do we do with this as****? Where do we take you? We must do something.
– Do what? You two have a setting…
how will I fit in? Help me. Raj, let’s take him…where
every government collapses. You’re right. Let’s go you as***…that’s
the only place to fix you. Where? Where?
– You just come. Leave it to me! Come on.
– Raj. Hey, handsome, upstairs.
Where are you going? Where have you brought me? What happened? Jimmy’s awake! Is that Jimmy, or his father? as*** you should’ve
stuck to eating food. It would’ve saved me
from this bloody situation. Baby, what kind of
friends do you have? Disgusting! Sanaya, just go and
tell him that it’s over. Mad or what? He’s fooling you,
can’t you understand? You’re fooling me.
Just shut up, okay. He’s not serious, babes…
I am telling you, he’s not serious… What the f*** … What is that? What the f*** I mean…who is he? He’s my friend.
– And he’s my friend. He’s our friend. Friend? You mean Friends!
– Yeah! Yuck! Gays!
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then you’ll dream about… Jimmy!

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