Malayali Aano | Diwali Special | Mini Web Series | Aalu Porotta | Episode 03 | CUPB | മലയാളിയാണോ..?

Malayali Aano | Diwali Special | Mini Web Series | Aalu Porotta | Episode 03 | CUPB | മലയാളിയാണോ..?

Guys, just wait. Where are we going
this early in the morning ?
I have not even had  breakfast properly!! ooh!! As if you  are getting porotta and beef for breakfast here. bro, at least let us eat whatever is there for breakfast. Ambro, you tell me bro,
Where are we going ? What has happened to him ? So Sad Guys, just stop Blabbering and get into the auto. Ambru, do you have any idea on
where are we going ?  I have no idea! You ask him. just wait man!! I have not even breakfast.
I am dying cause of hunger. We will deal with it man. you had actually promised to get me food. You will definitely have to bear with the consequences if I don’t get food. I will definitely get you food. Do you wanna sit here ? NO!! I think that girl is getting bored, I thought I will give her company. how many people are in this auto!!
Had it been in Kerala, not even three
people number would go.
Here it is like, they keep on calling people into the auto. Back in Kerala only Kallada bus can accommodate these many people!! Right! Are you having hair fall dude ? You has not even taken a shower in the morning? Dude I am really very hungry.
I just go out of the bed
and got into the auto. The water here is really bad.
It is better not to take a head bath everyday! Will we all look like Fahad Fasil then ? Fahad Fasil is atleast good looking! What!! You look like Fahad ? ohh God!! I was saying that Fahad looks good. We got really scared cause
we heard that you looked like Fahad. You are our Soubin dear! (Soubin is an actor from Kerala). Seems like the driver is enjoying the music. you should also learn to enjoy the songs man. Do you enjoy anything in your life,
apart from food ? Ask him to play the Hindi song from
the movie CID Moosa, apparently
that is the only Hindi song we Know!!! Why is this auto moving very slow ? It  Seems like  carrying 12 people
is beyond it’s capacity. ( enjoying the song that is played) What is this man? This looks like our Kollam fest! No, this is ‘Kundara (Kollam)cashew factory ’!! YES!! Guys, How is this mask ? Ooh wow! This looks marvelous!! Nice! At least it is better than
your actual look. Where are we going next ? We must go eat something. M**#**# Hey, are you guys from Kerala ? Where exactly are you in Kerala ? I am from Kottayam, Pala. (someone calling her from behind) My friends are calling me.
Alright, bye then!!! Rahul(senior) has told us about a girl right.
Will this girl be the same one!! Is it? (a malayalam film dialogue) Guys, this is July!! HOW!


  1. കുണ്ടറ അണ്ടിയാപ്പീസിന് അടുത്തുള്ളവൻ റിപ്പോർട്ടിങ്…😌😌

  2. Machaanmaare ivde ellaarum vann kidua powliyaann okke parayanath veruthe aanu🙌😥…first episode nice aarunnu…ath kazhinj aa oru oolam varunnilla!! Climax surprise aaki nirthaan vendi chumma valichu neettunnath pole thonni ✌️… scrpt ichiroode nokk ..pinne audio clear all athoode nok

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