Minus One | S01E02 – You Guys Are Couple Goals | Web Series | Just Human Things

Ok fine… sorry, really sorry, ok? Thank you for the coffee. Hold on a second, or I’ll throw the phone away. Who is Shruti? Dude, she is just an intern…. Wait… She is cute. Why is she talking to you? I am mentoring her. Don’t you think this is a lot of chatting for someone new? Thanks for dinner? What dinner is this? Company dinner. Nice. Hey? Riya? Baby? Why is she thanking you for a company dinner? I don’t know, she is just being polite baby. You have sent just one message on the 17th, dentures. Why? Baby, she lost. *talks dirty* Dentures.. Where are you? Chutney.. Kachua Chaap.. Now that I have you in sheets.. What is this you’re playing? It’s a ukulele. Say it properly. Ukulele.. Wife.. Wife.. I do. F**k off. Listen You really should put something there, it’s looking incomplete. It’s a yes from me. I accept! Oh hi, you’re Riya, right? It’s so nice to meet you. By the way you have such a beautiful house. I mean it’s so warm. Even in winter. Yeah… I see. By the way Varun was telling me that you guys wanted to start yoga. Here’s a little secret, I am a certified instructor. You know what I can come over like.. Maybe, let’s start with three times a week. You know Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. And see how it goes. We can do it on the lawn, does that sound good? Sure, yeah. Ok, well I am just going to use your washroom if you don’t mind. Yeah sure, it’s that door on the left. Ok, thanks. Listen, don’t lock yourself in. The door doesn’t open from inside. Oh yeah, I know. Yoga haan? It’s good for you right? Hmm, you seem to have done a lot. Can’t you see the glow? This is even before coffee… I don’t think I even have the words to start to thank your Dad. Beat it properly, this is nothing like my Dad’s. Why don’t I beat you itself? Your crotch is in my face. What is this, 2017?! You don’t have lice dude… I told you… nothing there. Wow, you guys are like couple goals. Why is it so weird dude? Dude, girls easily get to know who’s dating whom, it’s like a radar. This is your fault. You should have told her beforehand. Everything would be fine. We have certain rules. Shove them up your a**.. I mean ‘our’ rules and they work, ok? You know last time when you were not home… Please tell me it wasn’t in my room. Of course not. Everything happened smoothly, you know what, I even got extra love… For the coffee. Ok So you’re telling me that if one of us brings someone home The other person will have to stay out for the night? I am just saying that you can’t tell any of your dates until they become exclusive or boyfriend maybe. That’s a petty thing to say. And what do you think? Our situation doesn’t happen? It’s just unheard of. Tunday, this amount of optimism is not good. You’ll take a hard hit. You wanna bet? I’ll tell Nikhil during dinner and then get him home. And he won’t mind. Cool.. And if… If he doesn’t mind Then ask him if he has a sister too. Come. Yeah… Can I get some water? Sure, I’ll get it from the kitchen, my room is on the left. Uh, may I join you? Yeah? Yeah.. Wow Riya, you have an amazing set-up. That’s Varun’s room. Oh… I’m sorry. That’s my flatmate, Varun. Hi, Nikhil. Varun. Great set-up. Yeah, you like it? Love it man. Come Welcome to my humble home Mr. Ethan Hunt. This door and that one there. When you open them up, there is a gust of wind. You mean ventilation, right? What a player, millionaire. Come. Is everything fine? Yeah.. You look uncomfortable bro. He is very comfortable actually. Uh yeah. Really? So how was dinner? Very nice dude. We ordered Laal Maas. But I didn’t get the Khimsar Fort feel. But it was also the royal dinner, right? Yeah I’ll take you. But Riya is not fond of mutton. Riya, you didn’t tell him? I was actually going to tell… But some things are just hard to digest. You smell so nice. You must have had some intense conversation, right? Intense? Not at all man. I just love the way she says things. But did you like what she said? I say.. we go up… Goodnight Varun. Awesome, right? Teaseller. Nikhil… it’s cool… Nikhil…. alright. Nikhil, you and Varun. No. Varun, you and me. Varun, Devika, you and I. Us… Us Ms. Riya.. One second, Mr. Tripathi Actually the real issue is that if I told you before it would have become a problem… So I decided that after… Ms. Riya… One photo… Can you click a picture of me? I wanted to put it on Facebook now. One second… Nikhil, Varun and I were together before. I mean we are still together but we were with each other like how we are with each other. #kthanksbye Ms. Riya, If you speak like this, he may get angry and leave. Ms. Riya, I and Varun were together once, We still are but before we were with each other. Like how we are with each other now…. Say it like this. Now please click my picture. Tomorrow morning, Sharp 6: 30am, Meet me in the lawn, It’s the golden hour, I’ll click them with my DSLR! Come Don’t shut the door! Sorry..it gets locked. You guys don’t lock your doors? No, actually it does not open from inside. Your house, your rules… Nice house, Nice rules. Come? No, I am fine. I mean I am not fine but I am okay, I am just okay right now. Ok.. Before I enter your space Riya, I have to tell you something. Please don’t tell me you’re a virgin. No, uh no, look at me. Riya, I am smitten, I mean..you made me feel great today. I don’t go to anyone’s house on a first date. Your roommate? Ventilation.. Funny guy. Now even if you turn into Ichchhadhari Naagin. Actually.. I have to tell you something. Cessna Citation X, A very nice plane. Amazing. I flew one in Bhutan, Paro Strip. Paro stripped? Paro Strip. Are you a pilot? Haha no.. I just happened to complete 300 hours, When I was in college. Yeah. Do you wanna be a pilot? No, I was thinking of jumping of this plane. Skydiving! Dude seven years back, I was in Namibia, Ok and I tried this amazing skydiving thing. Fourteen thousand feet up in the air, right. You are just about to jump… Is there something you haven’t done? Dude, I have never peed in the open. What? Yeah man, never. Dude, you are existing but you’re not living. All your experiences are paid for But try doing it under a tree for once and see. Bro, there are many things that you have experienced, Moments that you have lived that maybe I can never. That’s true. Dude I couldn’t believe that people could lead a life like you and Riya. I mean people move on after a break-up, you guys moved in. Dude last night when Riya told me upstairs that you were dating… One sec, Riya told you upstairs? Not at dinner! Do you really wanna do this? Technically you lost ok. It was just a silly bet Nikhil.. Actually Riya and I generally… Wait a minute, I’ll tell him. Actually who ever comes home and hears of our situation, they end up running away from here. So I told him, that Nikhil is not like that and he understands. But Technically you lost, you had to tell him over dinner which you did not. How does it matter, you would have still come, right? What do you guys think, You call someone over and embarrass them and expect him to laugh about it? You guys aren’t evolved, You guys are f****d up dude. Nikhil!! Bro, listen.. Nikhil please just listen to me, I can explain. Devika? I came to apologize. Nikhil, I am sorry. Varun, I am sorry Devika I am sorry. Riya I am sorry, I can’t do this. Nikhil, please don’t go. I can’t. Devika, please come in. I can’t. Nikhil, I am sorry I did not tell you earlier. I am sorry, what didn’t you tell? Nothing. If you guys think you are right, Then why hide it? Why do you hide so much, m**********r? What did I hide, m**********r? Nikhil!! Devika!! M**********r!!

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