Missing End Tag Solution – Web Development

Missing End Tag Solution – Web Development

The correct answer is, everything after the opening em tag is italicized. If your browser crashes you should quit using Internet Explorer, and you know, maybe this last answer is more truthful than joke, because [LAUGH] there’s definitely a world in which browsers behave in a somewhat. Unpredictable manner, but I think in this in this simple example, everything after the em tag should be italicized. And let’s let’s try it out in our browser just to be certain. Okay, text is where I left it. No closing em tag, update. Cool, everything’s still italicized. If I were to you know, move this em tag closing em tag here. And update, we can see that HTML straightens up because just the em is around this phrase. Enough of those simple tags, let’s learn something a little bit more complex.


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