Netflix Product Designer | Navin Iyengar | Design Like a Scientist

Netflix Product Designer | Navin Iyengar | Design Like a Scientist


  1. Great talk! 💯 I'm sure has an amazing data science team, but in a lot of companies, I think A/B testing causes teams to focus on what's easy to measure, and that doesn't necessarily correlates with what the person using the product is trying to achieve

  2. Wow! Simple and mega-informative!
    Really enjoyed the message : Act based on tested results, not assumptions
    Definitely bookmarked for sharing and future viewing.

  3. Cool talk… Here is the thing, I know great designs model real world situations best way they can. Netflix also does that… In my country, movie shops ALWAYS display LATEST MOVIE POSTERS internally on the WALLS to let customers know the type of content sold in the shop <Movies>
    Example link :

    People watching more content on TV is just coz of the display size of it…. (movies are better on a larger screen with external speakers…) >>> especially since netflix helps most people pick what to watch so well…. I would want to watch good content with someone… watching on a small screen doesnt make sense, and we all don`t feel the need for the strain / dockers.

    Humans are social, and we love sharing good things/ the best of us with others… I want to watch a good movie at night with a friend…. <chillin>

  4. I dig this, but also struggle because I despise auto preview on the TV so much.. it makes me question the process, but I suppose there’s no pleasing everyone.

  5. Netflix doesn’t run on my s9 plus. I tried all the possible solution. Still doesn’t work. And I love it.. ✌

  6. Users had indicated that they'd like to know what content they can get before they decide whether or not to get the subscription. So the measure of success here should be that it leads to better decisions, not more subscriptions.

    So the users were not wrong to mention that in the survey.

    It is important to differentiate that "Improving user experience in decision making" is different from "maximizing subscription rate" are 2 different hypothesis.

  7. WTF. Bill Neigh isn't a scientist, so I guess this represents the nonsense behind false INDUSTRY and psuedo Technocracy

  8. In the world of social media where even ratings and comments are bought and sold how do you really know the real Likes.

  9. Navin's null hypothesis was "A/B testing is the best testing for experimentation". He should have designed a between subject comparison using T test to prove his null hypothesis. After he skipped the evidence by just making this statement, now I don't feel like watching the rest of the video.

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