Other sections – Mobile Web Development

Other sections – Mobile Web Development

Now, the network section of the cash manifest contains files that explicitly needs a network connection. Foe example, we can’t really cash the google-analytics page because the connection is important. If you have a image resource that’s a live webcam image or some other kind of data that has to be loaded over the network, putting that resource in this section will bypass the out cash. And try loading the resource from the network, even while it’s offline. And finally, the Fallback section is where you set up alt cache alternatives for resources that need to come from the network. For example that live webcam image. Maybe you want to cache an old version of it. The browser will use the rules in this section to load an alternative. But only after trying to load the resource from the network first. For that reason you should use the Fallback section sparingly because it will await for a network timeout.

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