Recreating Embarrassing School Photos

Recreating Embarrassing School Photos


  1. What I've learned about young kids, if you give them an ingredient in a container, it doesn't matter what you say, they will pour the whole thing in.

  2. They're sons are opposite of them like Rhett's son is the one who is playing with the food like link does and link's son is the one who is actually trying to do it right

  3. "no its mostly in one ear" coming mostly through my left headphone and then switching to my right was just the subtle touch I needed for this video. Good stuff editors 👏👏

  4. I think it is awesome how you include your fans in everything like when you spin the wheel of mythicality. You literally award people for being fans with the ability to get more merch.

  5. You can tell they’ve been friends forever, just like Rhett and Link. 27:04 Rhett finally grew into his face/head and neck. 😄

  6. no its mostly in one ear (fades to left ear) not only in one ear (fades to right speaker)
    give these men an emmy already.. even if thats not how emmys work…

  7. I love how link took the knife and than Rhett took it, like he didn't trust Link with the knife. Rhett held it for a second and than passed it to Josh lol

  8. Who else caught the panning when Rhett said “no it’s mostly in one ear. Not only, just mostly.” Left first, then right.

    Friggin brilliant

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