Effects Of Alcohol Abuse On Mental Health

Nowadays, alcohol consumption has become frequent, mostly teenagers from schools and colleges try drinking a lot. About 80% of school teenagers are consuming alcohol at a good rate. More than this, the teenagers who belong to the eighth standard are reported with severe drinking issues. The effects of alcohol abuse on mental health may create huge problems, and they may suffer from lifelong social issues, health problems, and other personal problems.

Effects of drug abuse

Drinking above the normal limit may create bitterness in their close relationships. This may cause a problem for the family members and the place you are working in. Following are the signs of teen alcohol abuse:

  • Lying or making excuses
  • Mood swings
  • Stealing expensive things and money from home
  • Transforming in verbally brash with others
  • Frequently feeling ill
  • Loss of appetite
  • Sleeplessness
  • Weight loss

The behavioral changes in teen aged people may make them aggressive and impetuous towards known and unknown people. It may result in depression and stress due to a meticulous issue. Psychological anguish and hyperactivity can be observed in their behavior. According to rehabilitation centers, almost 39% of teenagers are suffering from consuming alcohol. The substance abuse and mental health of these teenagers are degrading very badly. Apart from this, about 31% of young people are facing severe psychological problems.

Due to alcohol abuse, a person may suffer from a deficiency of nutrition in the body. It may lead to anxiety and depression and can also suffer from suicide attempts. The level of suicide attempts due to alcohol is high among teenage girls more than boys. The case of sexually assaulting girls in the drinking state is very common in western countries. Due to this, the peril of teen pregnancy, AIDS, and STDs are increasing day by day. After conducting researches on teenager alcoholics, the study shows that memory has become slow down in the cases of alcoholics in comparison to the non-alcoholic people. In several places, special rehabilitation centers for the teenagers are growing day by day by observing the limit of consuming alcohol.