Rejected, Removed and Suspended Apps In The Google Play Console

Hey, this is the Daily Overpass! My name
is Eric and I make apps! Now today, let’s talk about rejected, removed and suspended apps in the Google Play Console. Okay, so today, I want to answer a
question that came in last week from Isaac Balintuma who said, “Make a video
about what rejected, removed and suspended mean and when they appear on
an app in the Developer Console and the three-strikes policy by Google.” So, most
of this stuff you could probably look up, If you look at the policies of Google Play. But just to go, I’ve had all three of these statuses on apps over the years.
I’ve had rejected, I’ve had removed and I’ve had suspended. Suspended by far is
the worst. So rejected, I’ve had an app rejected – it was sort of some technical
reason. I can’t remember what it was. I uploaded a binary and for some reason,
they just – it was rejected for including some library or something like that. Or
maybe it didn’t – it didn’t cater for something, but it was such a simple thing.
It was so quick that all I had to do was upload another version like within a few
hours this is rejected. There was some problem with the binary. You have to
upload it again which I didn’t even know Google Play checked for. But it only
happened to me one time. I’ve had apps removed for not filling in the policies. I had like a really old application and they gave you all that
time to go through and fill in the questionnaire to give it a rating. And I
hadn’t done that so it was removed. So, all I had to do was upload it again
and make and republish it. No big deal. And I’ve had app suspended. Suspended is
by far the worst and when I had my one app suspended, I appealed it and then
I appealed it again and they put it back. They didn’t just make it published again.
They actually set it to a status of removed and I had to upload a new binary.
So it’s – so removed is much better than suspended, suspended that stays
there all the time like that. Let’s talk about the three-strikes Developer
Policy or the three-strikes policy by Google. This is something I hear about a
lot but I can’t find any documentation on it. It’s one of a strange thing, so I
wanted to ask you, guys, because we’ve been looking through the Google Play
policy and I haven’t found anything about a three-strike policy. YouTube has
a three-strike policy but I haven’t seen anything on the Google Play Developer
policy and I’m wondering if that’s just a myth. If that’s something that – because
when someone told me about it, I thought, “Oh, I gotta be careful, but I didn’t read
it in the documentation. It was just somebody had told me that this
three-strike policy and then you’re out.” And you know, and I’ve actually had more than three-strikes, but when I looked at the documentation
that says just make sure that your account is in good – your developer
account is in good standing, which is a very vague language. And maybe, it has to
do with the amount of apps and everything like that. So, I haven’t seen
anything in – and we’ve looked through the policy, I got someone else to check to and say, “Yeah, I don’t see anything in there about a
three-strike policy, do you?” So, I could be wrong, but I’m wondering whether or not
that’s even true. If that’s a myth or not. So, I hope that helps a
little bit, Isaac. You don’t want to get suspended. I’ve had three, I’ve had
four suspensions. One of them was overturned and you know, it
was terrible. So, it was, you know, you can’t do anything with the suspension.
You came and remove it from the Google Play Console. It’s always there. It’s just
there staring back at you and if you’re lucky, if you get it appealed
to put it back to remove, you upload a new binary, everything is good. So,
hopefully that helps you, guys, a little bit there. Let me know if you, guys –
if you know something about the Google Play three-strike policy that I don’t.
Like whether it exists or not, or you know, where the documentation is on it. If
that documentation is up-to-date, I’d really be interested to know because I
couldn’t find anything on it. And that is it for today. I’ll talk to you, guys, again

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