Roll-2-Roll Web Guide Features Contrast Guiding Sensor

Roll-2-Roll Web Guide Features Contrast Guiding Sensor

our web guiding system ARIS features
the latest in web guiding technology it adapts to any material, requires no calibration and is
very simple to setup. Now it features a comprehensive guiding sensor that can
be used in any kind of sensing including edge, line, contrast, composite
or layered web detection. In this video we use two web guides as a test machine to
introduce several speeds and disturbance frequencies. One web guide creates a
disturbance while the other correct this disturbance. This test allows us to
evaluate how our machine adjust to these different disturbances. This video shows
contrast guiding of composite web where the web is guided based on a die cut of
the label. Our web guides can work with continuous or
intermittent lines or contrasted edge. Our edge sensor detects the web position of
any materials used without the need for manual adjustments. A previous version of
our sensor used a reflection of infrared light to take a picture of the edge of
the material. These pictures and processed using digital signal
processing algorithms to accurately sense the true position of the material
irrespective of its physical properties. The updated version is more comprehensive and
uses white light to take a picture of the web materials and in the line detection mode, the sensor can handle a solid or intermittent line or even in contrast between two materials. As you
can see this video, the web guide is unaffected by missing labels. Our tests have shown our
sensor technology works automatically with materials of varying contrast. The
use of fiber-optic technology eliminates a need for focusing and eliminates need
for calibration and set-up. There are details on these experiments available in our white papers. You can find a link in our description below.

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