Service Workers – The State of the Web

Service Workers – The State of the Web


  1. Not sure what happened, but this video is extremely quiet compared to most other videos. I had to crank my volume up 4-5x higher than normal to hear this clearly.

  2. Thanks a lot for this video, informative and makes me want to get back into Service Workers. I second the comment about the audio being not so great. The voice of the the interviewee is sometimes barely audible.

  3. Jeff is the man!! Video coming in perfect timing thank you!! Both of you 🙏 I am shipping my new web app with Serviceworker powered by workbox in few days 🎉

  4. I watched the video in "Coding Tech" channel and came here only to talk about the music. It would be OK in a maximum 5min video, but not in a 20min video. Too loud and distracting. The content is great!! Cheers guys!

  5. I've seen some third party adverts that use Service Workers to drop a Malware payloads into the User Browser Cache. I sent the info to the Chrome Team and they just replied with a link to a Chrome web page saying yes Service Workers can be dangerous. That's great, but why don't the Chrome Team take the threat a bit more seriously!

  6. At 19:19 you said there is a physical book on service worker and progressive web apps by "Name".. I cant hear the name properly. What is the name ?

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