Shopify VS WordPress & WooCommerce – My Honest Review 2019!

Shopify VS WordPress & WooCommerce – My Honest Review 2019!


  1. Hey Hogan. Jethro here from South Africa. Thank you for your videos. You communicate clearly and in an unbiased fashion. All the blessings to you man. I've subscribed and will be watching more of your videos as I set up my online shop with WP and Woo. Peace 🙂

  2. Thanks for sharing this. Here is a way we've found to utilize the greatness of Shopify's e-commerce while at the same time harvesting the SEO power of WordPress (mashing them both together, if you would…)

    We are having multiple on-going clients use this method and are even doing some one-off builds for customers who then take over everything once it is built and DIY manage content + posting etc.

  3. Dude ive watched a lot on ecommerce especially drop shipping. The backend although important is insignificant to sales in terms of marketing products in niche markets that are constantly analyzed.

  4. Hogan, at 4:09 regarding the paid themes, you said that we need to pay for a theme on a yearly basis. I thought it is a one-time payment only, and not every year. Am I mistaken? Let me know. Thanks

  5. Hey Hogan,

    What is your experience so far with drop shipping? Have you made any significant sales? How long have you been doing it for?


  6. Thanks! I’ve been using WP for a few years now. I think I’m gonna try Shopify because I just want to setup an ecommence site and start selling right way. I don’t want to waste time. I’ll sacrifice customization for speed and efficiency. Thanks again!

  7. Also please take note on Shopify doesn't accept DEBIT CARD OR PAYPAL. For their payment on Domain purchase and Plan fee. Only one option just credit cards!

  8. Thanks Hogan I really really enjoy your tutorials because they are so in depth.

    I have a question: what do you find better as far as finding variety of products Shopify via Oberlo or through WordPress/WooCommerce via AliDropship because the later is what I was choosing to do but now I see I do not have all the time I want to spend building my site and before I go too far would like to know your opinion on products. I did look on Oberlo (14 day trial) but I felt it was more limited in certain senses as far as product variety? Would you say that is true?

    Thanks for any help!!!!!

  9. Let’s be honest, his 14 day trial is an affiliate link which he gets paid double of what you paid as a kickback. Therefore its biased to commission. Many false statements on this video which are misleading related to Shopify.

  10. Hey I may have missed it… if I get a hosting website I need to get WordPress and woocommerce? I’m phasing away from Shopify, although my first store will still be on Shopify and my second store will hopefully be on woocommerce. Is woocommerce and word press free plug ins? And are both of them necessary for an small ecommerce biz?

  11. Not all wordpress themes are yearly fees, actually most I used are one time fees.
    Can you customize your shopify theme codes yourself like with wordpress? Or you cant access the code to customize it?

  12. Hi Hogan! Awesome and informative vid! PLease will you describe how you arrange your shipping for international as I am having an issue here in SA. Thanks

  13. Hi Hogan
    Liking your videos and have a question – for shopify I need to add my card details as STORED do I also need to store this in the wordpress/plugin website? As external hosts in the wordpress I am thinking security needs beefing up!

  14. In the end you save a lot of money with WordPress. It's like Apple vs PC. Shopify is Apple. Some info that's incorrect. For a WordPress premium theme, you pay for a one time Liscence that you can use on one theme for only one website. You can't reuse it. You can get a theme on average for like $60 on theme forest. Also WordPress has a bunch of free themes. After the initial setup you will pay at most $10 per month for running the entire site. That's on hosting. It can be as little as $5 too if you find a better deal. Shopify is minimum $30 per month for the basic plan. That's 3 times as much.

  15. Thanks for the breakdown here Hogan. I have a WordPress website already but no e-commerce except for a page where I sell one item using PayPal. Can I purchase a Shopify site and then connect it to this WordPress site as a shop plugin so to speak and it will appear as a seamless click to shop now as far as the site visitor is concerned?

  16. In your description you should atleast disclose those are your affiliate links and let everyone know you appreciate the support or they can just skip the discount and link without the affiliate url attachment… to show that you are not biased or had intentions of making money off people without them knowing

  17. Hogan, most wordpress themes are one time payments and not annual payments. But for support you get one year support but if you want support for years to come you will have to pay small amount less than usd10

  18. I am going to choose wordpress because I am a designer by myself but can you advice on what security pluggin that will be the best for ecommerce. I have been using 2 of most free popular security pluggins but sometime I still get some issues.

  19. What are your thoughts on initiative Q ?? They are building a new payment network. To get people to adopt it, they’re giving away significant sums of their future currency to early people. They require only name, email, and an invite from an existing user. Here’s my invite link to take a look and register if you like: Let me know if you do register, because I need to verify you on my end.

  20. Here's short version for anyone

    Why to choose WordPress
    1- If you are a bit techy and know about CMS choose WordPress
    2- If you have less money choose WordPress
    3- If you want more customisation

    Why to choose Shopify
    1- If you are a complete beginner and just want to start out
    2- If you have money to start business
    3- If you are okay with less customisation

    Leave a like if i cleared you Mind.

  21. BLAH BLAH BLAH. FUCK SHOPIFY! inflexible as fuck, and the apps can drive up your overhead.
    Woocommerce all day everyday. Only thing I say shopify has over woo is the backend layout.
    Its not as simplified as shopify.

  22. Thanks Hogan! I am a graphic designer and I will set up a t-shirts online shop. And I will work with printful, printfy and inhouse print. Which solution do you recommand? And which solution is better for SEO.

  23. Hi Hogan,
    Thank you for sharing. I've used both platforms to build my clients websites.
    I think WordPress + Woocommerce is much better in terms of features and pricing. It's a more flexible platform than Shopify.

  24. Just a correction: wordpress themes aren't charged yearly, you get them once and use them forever.

    What might be misunderstood as yearly fee is that many websites offer access to premium themes as long as you are a member, and hence, they'll usually charge annual fee. However, after you get the theme, it's yours forever. Those websites might require you to be a member to be able to access theme updates, if they do updates. This might not generalize to all instances though, but it is what I've seen.

  25. Hi Hogan. Thank you for sharing this information with us.
    I really can't use Shopify coz I can't get a credit card. And Shopify's does not accept debit cards to pay for the monthly subscription.
    I was searching an alternative for this scenario. Do I need to have credit card to use Woocommerce? In other words, can I pay the hosting and domain and pay alidropship with debit card?

  26. Thanks for the in-depth video! As I am getting ready to start an e-commerce store, I found your review informative and easy to understand. Thanks!

  27. Bro one question, Shopify have some cool apps like abandon cart, hurrify, wheelio, n stuffs like that which cost you monthly n all together these convertion apps n shopify will cost u near 100$ per month can u help me with apps like these for wordpress and how much it will cost

  28. Shopify also charge extra 2% if customers pay by payment methods other than Shopify Payments. That is if they pay by PayPal. We get charged 2% + 2.6% + 30cents (in Australia). That's near 5% on every transaction.

  29. Dropshipping Business WordPress. Learn how to start your own dropshipping business and website with wordpress step by step

  30. I am want site for selling my products that I manufacturing. So which is better ?

    No dropshipping only my products that I manufacturing. So need to fancy theme, add on like that. So Suggest. Thank you

  31. I was hesitating on whether or not I wanted to watch your video because you look like a 12-year-old and I thought you might be like so many other thousands of so-called "gurus" out there.

    But I watched it and was really impressed by how honestly and professionally you described the differences between the two platforms.

    Thank you.

  32. Customer will never know which platform you are using. so just make your store pretty whether it's shopify or woocommerce/Wordpress.
    I had 2 3 stores on Shopify but now i am working on general store niche on woo commerce. i used 1 copyright image and boom Shopify shut down my store.
    i am using flatsome theme (It's crazy fast if you optimize it) – (Mine loading time is 0.8 sec to 1.3 sec).
    for importing product i am using ali dropship plugin (Ali2Woo) instead of alidropsip and i am glad that i am totally satisfied with it, Alidropship is also great. Oberlo will charge you monthly once you start making sales. but not alidropsip or ali2woo. on shopify you need to install many plugins for your store which cost you $$$$ every single month.
    woocommerce also comes with great options in terms of payment you can still integrate payment methods like stripe paypal 2checkout and there are many more.

    The only difference is woocommerce setup takes little longer to setup than shopify.

    Namecheap hosting is best if you want to go with server get digital ocean or vultr dedicated droplet started with 5$/M 60$/year BTW for now i am using namecheap hosting steller plus and it's going so smooth..

    Once you setup your store then everything goes very smooth whether it's woocommerce or shopify.

  33. What if you want to sell to China consumers ? Can any of these free website builders (Shopify , Woo Commerce, WIX, Magento ) accepted by the China Great Firewall? Which of these website builder can be SEO for China search engine? Thanks.

  34. Biased Affiliate, not cool bro. Got to be honest with your peeps, clearly WordPress is superior & cheaper! Beginners need WordPress, not Shopify! Desperate attempt to con people into giving you recurring commissions. Doesn't work that way bro, when they set up their store and don't sell a thing, (which most people won't because there's methods and skills to these things people aren't aware of) they're gonna quit after the first month, then you have no recurring commissions, it's good for a one time payment but certainly not sustainable, not a good long term strategy I'm afraid. Your peeps will not trust you, without trust, you have nothing! You're Welcome.

  35. OMG!! I've used WIX before and it is the worst site to create a website. The other thing about it is that you can't transfer your site to another hosting site. Once you leave, that's it – you site is gone. I think WordPress is the best platform to use to build your sites. I use Elegant themes (Divi)

  36. Great info and very informative I think wordpress and woo commerce is good for me – is there a theme you would recommend for this?

  37. tl;dr

    Shopify: Integrated, heavily e-commerce based/friendly, low maintenance, very high cost.

    WordPress: basic experience with WordPress & functionalities needed, plug-ins available to set up a store, plenty of good free/paid themes to choose from, medium-high maintenance (depending on experience level) and low cost compared to shopify.

  38. I've heard it's best to use because once you start it, it's yours. I purchased an extension website and lost it in cyber space. Contacted the company and they hv no history of it. So does it matter in that case to have a WP site?

    I just want to sell hair extensions. Don't hv time to spend on building a site.

  39. Nice review. I echo a lot of what you're saying. I'd use Shopify under the following circumstances: 1) You're not technical, 2) Your business depends on dropshipping, 3) your sales channels are primarily social media applications, 4) You need something quick and dirty to get up and running. Otherwise if you have the budget, the technical know-how, and are implementing a mixed content creation strategy that uses all web platforms (search engines, social media, blogs, tube sites, product review sites), then use WordPress + Woocommerce.

  40. What about Prestashop? I would love to find a tutorial like the ones you make about WordPress but on Prestashop 🙂

  41. Dark WordPress Theme A fully packed practical tool for premium built and design. Making a positive first impression is essential to developing a strong customer relationship 🌑⚫️⚙️🚀

  42. Hi again I'm hare.. will you tell me please that if I use woozone automatic add product on my website then am i getting trouble about copywrite…i men its Google block my site for copyright????

  43. Hey Hogan, just a question. Can I have a blog on WP and link it to a Shopify store?

    Thanks for the informative video!

    Cheers 🙂

  44. You look like Asian Barack Obama. Also, I'm gonna have to correct you on the WordPress themes being usable across unlimited websites. WordPress themes, as you noted, are made by different developers. All of those developers have different terms that apply to your purchase. Some will say that unlimited installations is ok, others might say that you're purchasing for a single install only. Same for pricing. Some might require a one-time payment, others might force you to pay annually. WordPress is like that … you have to be ready for different terms from different developers. Another potential pitfall with WordPress is that if you start using a plugin, the developer of that plugin may someday decide to stop supporting and updating it. What happens then is the plugin eventually becomes useless or it malfunctions as the base WordPress code gets updated over time. It's like having a game on your iPhone 6, the developer quits updating it for new iPhones, and now it doesn't work on your iPhone 11. I love WordPress and I've been using it for a long time, but there are certain things new users need to be aware of when making this choice between Shopify and Woo.

  45. Hi Hogan, stumbled upon your video. Your analogy of a furnished apartment vs. an unfurnished apartment is great.
    Was going to go with Shopify until I saw your video. From what I have read from other comments- Shopify shutting down an online store for no reason at all does not sit well with me. The idea of having your own website/ecommerce store is just that. It's yours.

  46. What I am finding, though, is that in WordPress, literally, EVERYTHING will cost you in a subscription plugin. You want a link with an added coupon. You want a drag-and-drop theme. You want a pop-up, or run a raffle. how about a special font to the site, or some cool forms… each one will cost you. And if you want the free counterparts, you'll spend HOURS trying to make it work, and eventually, you realize… that's why it's free… because it doesn't! So talking about just the host cost is a place to start, but the headache of trying to stay free… or budget-friendly can be counter-productive. I run a small business site – not a drop ship site. Shopify just works. But it is pricey. Sure it's not if you ALREADY have a product. But mostly, people will pay for a service, while they are trying to figure out HOW to sell. That cost-per build equation builds up quickly.

    I work on WordPress — use builders — and plugins for just about everything you can think of. 🙂

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