Sketch App Design – Easy Dotted Shape Tutorial #webdesign #sketchapp #tutorial

Sketch App Design – Easy Dotted Shape Tutorial #webdesign #sketchapp #tutorial

Hey! I’m Hunter from Skillthrive and
in this tutorial you’ll create this dotted map in Sketch. The first thing
you need to do is download the Duplicator app for Sketch. So go to the
link in the description below–that’ll take you to this Github page, and then
click on ‘Clone or Download’ and then download the zip. Once that finishes
downloading, head to the spot where you just downloaded this file then unzip it.
Open the file and then double-click on the Duplicator Sketch plug-in to install
it into Sketch. Now you can head into Sketch and get started on the project.
The first thing I’m going to do is go and create a square Artboard here and
this is going to hold the color that I’m going to be using throughout this
project. So what we need to do is create a rectangle and then once we create that
come over to border and just turn that off. And then come in to Fill and set a
color here, but don’t worry, you can change this color at any time because
what we’re going to do next is actually turn this Artboard into a Symbol and
then we want to use that Symbol to control the color throughout our project.
Now, the next thing I’m going to do is create another Artboard and this is going to
hold the actual dot that we’re going to use as well throughout the project. So
let’s go ahead and rename this to ‘dots.’ Get the Oval Tool by hitting ‘O’ on our
keyboard, hold Shift, and then drag that out to create a perfect circle. Now let’s
go ahead and insert the color here right–just over this Artboard and then use that
Oval as a Mask. Now what we need to do is make this
a Symbol as well, so right-click and come down to ‘Create Symbol’ and then we’re
going to reuse this throughout a new Artboard for creating the dots. So let’s
go ahead and set a new Artboard and set the width here to 1200 and a height to 600. Then what we can do is come up to Insert, come down to Document, and then ‘dots.’ And then we can insert this into our new Artboard. Then let’s go ahead and click
here to proportionally resize this and then set a width to 10 and you can see
how the height is going to scale proportionately as well. Then I’m just
going to move this about 10 pixels from the left and then 10 pixels from the top.
Then what I’m gonna do is go ahead and rename this Artboard… and then reselect this Shape layer. Then
we can come up to Plugins, down to Duplicator, and then down to ‘Repeat Right,’ and I’m going to repeat this 60 times with a spacing of 10 pixels, and then
click on ‘Duplicate.’ You can see here that Sketch is going to create a bunch of new
shapes here. I’m going to select them, Command-G to group them, and let’s name this grouping ‘row.’ And then we can use the plugin to duplicate this as well,
so come to Plugin, Duplicator, and then down to ‘Repeat Below.’ And this time I’m
going to set a count to 30 and keep this spacing at 10 pixels and click ‘Duplicate.’
Again, you can see now that we have a bunch of rows here that we need to group,
so let’s go ahead and select that one that was not grouped, Command-G, and then call this entire grouping ‘dots.’ So now that we have this dotted background in this Artboard, I’m going to head back to my course files and either use an image
or shape as a guide when I’m tracing this in the next step. Then I’m going to
come to this corner, scale proportionally, and then once I get it to a size that I
like I’m going position it here in the Artboard. Then we can drop the overall Opacity of this shape so we can see the dots beneath it. Then we can start tracing. To do that, I can hit ‘V’
my keyboard to switch my Vector Tool. Then I can use this map in order to
create a new shape. Now, keep in mind that I’m actually selecting in between
circles therefore only selecting full, whole circles. Once you finish this path, come over to
Borders and uncheck this. Then drag the new path on top of the dots layer and
turn off the reference guide that we just used. Then I’m going to zoom out. I’m
going to select this new path and the dots grouping, then come over and click
on Mask. And there you have it! And remember–because this is a Symbol for the colors–we can always come over and just change this to anything that we
like. So let’s go and change it here to an orange and you can see because it’s a
Symbol that is reflected on all the dots in our Artboard. That’s it! If you
liked this Sketch tutorial check out these other ones from Skillthrive as
well and if you like this video please give it a like and subscribe. Again I’m
Hunter from Skillthrive and I’ll see you in the next one!

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