Survey123 for ArcGIS: Creating Smart Forms with Survey123 Web Designer

Survey123 for ArcGIS: Creating Smart Forms with Survey123 Web Designer

[Music] the Survey123 web designer is a simple yet powerful way to build smart forms in ArcGIS. to create a new survey go to and log in using your ArcGIS Online credentials. Next, click on Create New Survey. The web designer is the easiest way for you to build great forms for data capture. Alternatively you can use a desktop tool called Survey123 Connect to build more advanced surveys. Let’s get started for now with the web designer and select a name and representative thumbnail for our survey. The web designer supports a wide collection of question types: single line and multi-line text, lists and choices, multi selects, dates, numeric questions. But also other more sophisticated questions such as location, photos and ratings. You can add questions to your form by simply dragging and dropping them into the left panel. Once the question is selected in the designer you can change its properties on the right panel. you can set a label, hint, flag questions as required, and even set constraints to better control user input. If you’re working with lists you can easily add new choices manually and in bulk. You can also easily change the order of choices in the list and define which choice should be selected by default. Something I like is the option to enter free text if a choice is not already part of the list, but what I really love is setting rules on top of choice questions. Rules allow you to hide or show questions in your form based on previous responses. For example, say you want to only display the ‘repair details’ question if the status of an asset is needs repair. It’s so easy. The preview mode is useful to figure out if your survey is behaving as you wish. You can check the look and feel on a desktop tablet and mobile device. Once you’re happy with your design, click on Publish. Published surveys can be used from a web browser by simply clicking on the link included at the top right corner. Surveys authored with the designer can be used from a web browser, but they also work from the Survey123 mobile app. Once you’re comfortable with your survey you’ll want to share it with people. Through the Collaborate tab you can decide who will have permissions to submit data through your survey. If you want to keep your survey secure you can share it with specific groups within your organization. You can also choose to make your survey public so anyone, even someone without an ArcGIS account, can contribute data to your survey. You can use the survey links and QR codes at the bottom to promote your survey using social media, email, or if you like by referencing your survey from a website. For casual data capture using a web browser, or for embedding your survey in a website, choose the link to open the survey directly. If people are going to work disconnected from the network or capture data regularly, you’ll want them to use the link to open the survey from the Survey123 field app. Or you can also let users choose. Because we all make mistakes, the web designer is built so you can make changes to your survey at any point. Choose the Edit option on a survey to open the web designer. You can now add, delete, or fix existing questions in a survey. You can also change the order of questions, change labels, defaults, etc. Once you’re done, click Publish. If you happen to have deleted questions you’ll need to decide if you want to keep existing data on those deleted questions flag in red questions for which you want to delete the data, and you’re done. You can also easily edit the survey info such as the title, thumbnail, and description. One last thing: did you know that you can use an existing survey as a starting point for the next? Well, all you need to do is use the Save As option. Thanks for watching. [Music]

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