Team Treehouse Web Development and Design Review 2018

Team Treehouse Web Development and Design Review 2018

– Alright everybody,
so this is going to be my Team Treehouse review of
the Team Treehouse website dashboard and interface, and whatnot. What I’m gonna be doing with this video is I’m gonna show you guys
have the website works. Once you’re signed into the program and you’re got your account made, I’m gonna show you guys what you can do, the user interface, different
courses you can take, and all that kinda stuff here. This is the prime goal of this video. So, right here I’m logged
in, I’m in Account, I have the Pro account, or
whatever the account is, the highest-paying one where you get access to
all the bonus lectures and all that, and right here, I’m
logged into my dashboard. Up here we can see, this little number right
here is my profile, and I believe this is all my
points for all the courses. So when you go through the courses and you complete lectures, and you complete tests and all that, you get, like, a point
system where it shows how many courses you’ve
gone through and whatnot. It’s pretty cool, I really
like it, which is pretty neat. Kind of encourages people to complete your courses and whatnot, which is really, really good. In this section here, we have my profile info, enrollment, billing history, all that kind of stuff, referral systems if you’re, for the Team Treehouse affiliate program. And over here we have our resume progress, so if I click this button here I can watch the last
lessons I was watching, and up here we have the announcement bell, which tells you all the new courses that are coming up on Team
Treehouse, which is pretty cool. So if you don’t log in for a week, there’s gonna be a lot
of notifications here, which is pretty neat. It proves right here that they’re doing a
lot of different courses and there’s a lot of
material on this website, which makes Team Treehouse a
really, really good resource for learning anything to
do with web development or just, in general, web design. So underneath that, we have our Tracks, and in the Tracks section we can see all the different courses. And basically what a track is, is a track is like a giant course that takes all existing courses, and kind of funnels it into one thing. So if we click on the Front
End Web Development track… Once it decides to load here, we can see that we have
all the individual courses. So, How to Make a Website
is its own course, CSS Basics is its own courses, JavaScript basics is its own course, but it’s kind of organized together so that if you wanted to be
a Front End Web Developer, that this would be a
great way to get started, and I have watched it myself. It’s really, really good, ’cause if we click on How
to Make a Website here, we’ll be taken to the actual course of How to Make a Website and we can see all the different lessons, and there’s a lot of content here. Like, this is just the one
course on How to Make a Website. We can see Beginning
HTML and CSS, HTML First, and if we open these up, we can see all the different lessons here, and I’m just gonna click on one just to show you guys the interface for watching videos and whatnot. This is a actual lesson,
let me go back here. Here we go. Click on an actual video here. I’m gonna mute that, so
you guys can’t hear that, but this is what the interface
is for watching the videos. We have a rewind video for 10 seconds, we have the volume,
there’s English subtitles. So if you’re watching without volume or let’s say you just, for some reason, you can’t make out what
the instructor’s saying, you can watch the subtitles
here on the bottom, which is pretty cool. We can go full screen, we
have a Launch Workspace, which is basically like their own… Workspace where you can
follow along with videos and stuff like that. For example, for coding
videos and stuff like that, you’ll be publishing things
online and stuff like that, and you’ll need a website
to kind of show it, and the Workspace is a easy way for you to write code, and
then preview it really fast. So it’s a great way to, you see we have our folder
of our website or index.html, and we can preview it
after we click View here. That’s not what I want. Preview Workspace. So now if we go to Preview Workspace, we can see where you’re writing there. So it’s a great way, if you
guys don’t have a website, and you just wanna follow along and get coding up and running and whatnot. If we move onwards, we
can go to the Library, which is like the Tracks, but it’s all the individual lessons, so you can see the How to Make
a Website courses right here, but it’s not in the Front
End Web Development track, it’s just by itself. And this is where you’ll see all the different courses
Team Treehouse has, and there’s a lot of different courses. We can see all the
different categories here, Android, Business, CSS,
Design, Development. And we’re gonna click on one, so let’s click on WordPress here. We can see all the different
WordPress courses we have, which is quite a bit here. There’s a lot, and there’s a
lot of new ones coming out, and this is just one section, guys. Like, there’s so much
material on Team Treehouse, for anybody who wants
to learn web development or just really learn a lot more, you can gain a lot more
skills on this website. It’s really, really great. And we could organize
our courses by newest, or difficulty type, and alphabetical. We can go Workshop,
Conference, and Bonus Series, and all the different
topics we have as well, which is a lot (chuckles). So, moving onwards, we can see that Team
Treehouse has a nice forum. Each individual lesson will
have a discussion board, so as you’re watching your
lessons and you have a question, you can actually post it, and it’ll be stickied
to that actual video. So someone can answer your response and they’ll know exactly
what you’re talking about when you answer that question. So that’s pretty cool. And there’s generic topics
that you can write to. For example, you have a HTML question, you can post in the HTML section. And the forums are pretty cool. There’s a lot of people on here and you’ll usually get help for most questions that you ask. And again, Workspaces is right here, and we got our Account
Settings at the bottom here. So that’s pretty much it. Oop, don’t want you guys to actually see my information there. So that’s pretty much it
for the Team Treehouse, and it’s a great system,
it’s a great service. I highly recommend you guys sign up. I’m gonna log out here, to show you guys the main website. And we’re gonna go over
the pricing really quickly, just to give you guys a
quick overview of that if you missed the blog post I did earlier about my Team Treehouse review. And the Basic Plan is $25 a month, with all access to all the
projects and everything. The Pro Plan is pretty much the same. The only different is that you get help. Actually, let’s see here. We can watch talks from industry leaders and enjoy exclusive bonus content. So the Pro Plan, you get a
little bit extra bonus content. I noticed that they have
a little behind-the-scenes and one-on-one work with some of the instructors and all that, and it’s not a big difference. You could easily get by on the Basic Plan, but for the extra $25, it’s definitely worth
it to hit the Pro Plan, especially if you’re really serious about getting into
anything to do with the web and web development and design and all that kind of stuff. I would highly recommend it. But Team Treehouse has a lot on it and it’s not just for web developers. So I highly recommend you check it out. I believe they have a free, if we can find the actual website, they did have a free trial going on where you’d get a free month, but I’m not sure if they still have that. Oh, start your 14 free
trial, it’s right here. I believe you put in your
information and stuff like that, and after you edit your
information, they charge you. So if you want to unsubscribe
before the 14th day, you would do so, and you
wouldn’t get charged. So it’s definitely worth checking out. I would highly recommend you
just at least look into it and check it out. So if you guys want to
check out Team Treehouse, check out the link in the
description of this video. If you guys have experience
with Team Treehouse, please let me know what you guys think, let others know, by leaving a comment. And I hope you guys liked this video, and I’ll see you guys later on. Thank for watching.


  1. I loved your review.
    And I actually joined team tree house recently at the end of august. and I actually like it a lot better than what I learn at school. I like that I can learn at my own pace. Which is a big deal for me. Its not boring, and I don;t have to take an english class or something that isn't really needed to learn these skills.
    I go to ITT-Tech and I am plan on dropping out of school and just learning from Team TreeHouse. I think that I best learn one on one and very small groups. So if anyone is better at learning the way i do then I would say go for team treehosue and give a try.

  2. Amazing review! I do a ton of TeamTreehouse reviews and make video for java programming beginners. I found this video helpful, thumbs-up

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