Tutorial webdesign de site internet | part-01

Tutorial webdesign de site internet | part-01

Hello everyone this is my f4lco (Nickname) and I’ll show you how to make a multi-pages webdesign, with a structure and methodology to be able to work on several pages and integrator for later or chopper. So Photoshop CS3 (valid on the top versions ) We’re starting a new file and will use CS3 with the predefined “Web” parameter and 1024pixels size. If you are on CS2, there are no 1024 size , you can create here . Width 1024 pixels , height 768 pixels resolution 72 pp because we work for web. 300 pp is for printing paper, with a definition of finer but heavier and not visible on the screen picture. Selecting the color mode to RGB for a file intended for display. If you are working on another project for printing paper, you have to select CMYK colors.

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