Update: How To Setup Sections On Your Youtube Channel Homepage

Update: How To Setup Sections On Your Youtube Channel Homepage

YouTube has changed how you set up sections.
In my previous video there was to the right of this photo here there was a box you could
click a check mark to enable sections that no longer exist. What you need to do is come on to this white
banner right below where you are header picture will go and click on the pencil when it pops
up, then choose edit channel navigation and then right here it says browse, the top one,
the browse view will let you customize display of your content if enabled this will be your
default tab for all visitors. Click Enable and choose Save and that activates sections. I had some made previously so they’re showing
right now but right here under the first section it will say add sections I’ll scroll all the
way to the bottom because it just turned all of my sections on. See right here it says
add section that will be up here in this area somewhere it will say it and then follow the
rest of the video on how to setup sections. I think what I’ll do is place the other video
right into this one and show you how to set up your playlist and how to activate them
in a section. That is how you turn on sections. You could go to playlist right here and click
it and click new playlist right here and create a playlist but I don’t like this layout. So
when I’m going to do is go back to my page and click Video Manager and then come over
here and click playlist and you can see the layouts a little different you’ve got a button
to make it public or private or whatever and you have edit options over here it’s just
an easier way out I think to work with. To create a new playlist come up here words
as new playlist and click it and give it a name, whatever you want to name it type it
in and then hit Enter or click Create. Now the list is created come over here where it
says playlist settings and click it come down here and you can set whether its public, manual
ordering that’s how you arrange them. You can add new videos to the top of the playlist
allow embedding whatever. The one you want to click is Auto add. Then come down here
where it says add rule, click it and then you’re given three options title contains,
description contains or tag. I used to like tag but title contains is as good for this
particular one. So I’m going to click in here and type automatic and hit enter. Now it says
there are 5 videos I’m going to put a check mark in it and choose done and there’s the
playlist but they’re not in the right order. To put them in the right order come up here
and it says part 3, part 2 and part 1 so we’re going to go to part 2 where it says more and
click on it and click move to the top and then we’re going to come here where it says
more on part 1 and click move to the top and then the very bottom one was like a peliminary
of what I was going to do so I want that one first I’m going to click more and choose move
to the top and now they’re in the right order. So now we can go back to my channel page and
scroll down and click add a section and then scroll over to where the little pencil is
and click on it. Choose single playlist and then over here where it says find playlist
it will have a list of all the playlists you created he is the one we just did, click it,
then click Done and you just have to do that for the rest of your sections. If you want
to rearrange the sections move your mouse over the top right hand corner and you’ll
see an up down arrow. Click the up arrow and it’ll move it, I just swapped them. If I want
to move this one back up where it was click the arrow. You can rearrange all your sections
this way. That’s all there is to it, hope this helps.
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for watching, God bless, bye. Chrome VoiceNote 9/7/2015, 6:53:13 PM


  1. Thank you sir , this helped me a lot to set up my new channel , keep up the good job . and happy new year to all .

  2. omg ! Thanks dude ! I have been like mad lost trying to figure it out. Now I just feel slow lol but thank you man (:

  3. My playlists aren't showing up in the drop down menu when searching under single playlist. Any suggestions?

  4. Thank you! I couldn't figure out how to do the sections! It was so simple, but thank goodness for your video! 🙂

  5. I need help! So under "view as yourself" I can see the video I have for returning subscribers, but when I change the view to "returning subscriber" nothing shows on my homepage and it says  "This channel has no content".  Im soo confused


  7. On my homepage for new visitors, the top section where my featured video or intro plays has a icon on the left next to the edit pen/brush and if you hover over it, it said "only shown to people who aren't subscribed." How do I change that setting so it will show that section to subscribers, the way I had it before. I don't know how but I guess I  set It that way accidently(fell asleep with mouse in hand, lol) and now that section , that top intro/trailer section does not show on my home page for returning subscribers. I have been trying to fix this since yesterday and no matter what can't  Do you know how to fix it or any ideas?

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