We Trained Like Game of Thrones Knights

sound effects [Music] so I’ve been doing some research and in Game of Thrones one of the biggest shows ever is coming out with a prequel what do I need to do to get on that show the ants are simple I need to become a knight where can you become a knight you ask well the answer is medieval values so I’m gonna go to medieval times I’m gonna learn how to fight with swords I’m gonna choreograph an entire fight sequence film it and then send it to casting Game of Thrones here I come okay so here’s the plan we are driving some medieval times right now I have a nice little crew here people are gonna help me and I got all these people together sound people pas producers a day right here is a producer he actually um he’s coming with me because he wants to learn how to he just wants to leave the office and learn how to fight like me in a day we’ll learn the basics and how to fight and like different techniques in what stage combat really is and then we’re gonna work with the Knights to choreograph a scene that makes sense for the fight so I’m gonna fight a day ultimately that’s the goal for the scene but if a day sucks I am going to fire him what yes and I’ll replace them with one of the Knights from medieval times you then by no way what you just do it then I don’t know I don’t understand you jersey highways you miss one exit you get sent back so now we’re running late we have less time to shoot that’s strike one and more strikes you’re fired [Music] [Music] this is really how’s it going oh you can is it like this okay good to meet you Eric I’m Kyle and a day nice to meet you you’re a night amazing so I’m trying to prove to Casting that I can be a knight okay do you think I have what it takes to be a knight well we’re gonna find out when it comes down to it it’s all about character okay you have to have a very deep appreciation for what you do and you have to have a very dedicated spirit to make it through it’s a dangerous job obviously we’re sword fighting these are real metal weapons and we’re swinging them at each other so the physical aspect of it is important but what actually drives you is more important what is that exactly it could be anything you’re just gonna find it inside yourself I’m just noting it in your ass yeah this is called Leon Gardens so we basically have three strikes head leg shoulder those are the basic strikes let me try the three strikes real quick now you’re gonna bring it back here and then you’re gonna step forward again and then strike the leg okay [Music] keep each other safe if you’re striking you actually have to stop there so I’m gonna do this you don’t come in my box I’ll go in your box it’s when I’m blocking I’m gonna block like this I’m gonna block like this that’s I never block like this and all their strikes stop at the end of the box okay I’m doing a strike can you do this I don’t want to do that yeah we gotta brows so you’re gonna take him train them hit like this that is heavy hmm good open up your hips a little bit up and over step just look there’s a rhythm to it you’ll find it you can kind of see the guys doing over there one two one two keep your hands in front of your face and open up there’s two sides to the fight one guy’s blocking like that striking I’ll be learning the strikes walks this training regimen it’s hard to grasp like I’m trying my best there’s like so many moves the blocking you got really make sure you keep the sword away from you and you have the power and this isn’t like easy this sweat coming down my head I don’t know if you can see this a day how are you doing sucking don’t worry about it we’re getting there baby steps man I know you guys do this we’ve had football players baseball players that are really fit people come in here and they start dying yeah it takes a whole different skill set to learn okay quick check-in while the days gone I guess he hasn’t been practicing honestly do you think a day is reading the news hmm honestly okay I’m just gonna fight it with a little bit more practice we can’t have two average people fighting the scene and it’d look good and if they just wanted to get into the office and he had a good time learning exactly put all your style this is Justin hey he’s a very talented director that I invited last minute to come and help direct this scene because I really wanted to look good I’m gonna go get change now thank you right thank you guys [Music] yeah that or decide you beat me in a fight and then I asked to walk away ashamed I’d rather die [Music] [Music] [Music]

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