Web Design Confusing Industry Terms – Website Geek Speak

Web Design Confusing Industry Terms – Website Geek Speak

on time for us to be some you translate
the geek speak we’re talking about websites so that we are looking for different
elements that make up big speak when talking about websites others of the
things that client-side holocaust font confusing odd things about personally used to make
sure that there are some of the most important to us in the room book you
know what’s up uh… that money both things like
layouts dot terminology uh… the the
differences between fonts and colors online offline uh… and converses with says let’s look at the last time we have
a pretty what’s up we’ve got uh… fixed and elastic uh… the three from ice describe how it
works artists play on nightly president so it would simply have uh… fix web
sites around the place uh… they’re the ones that have the
fixed width uh… so the reason for that fix with is
we’ll make sure that uh… websites gonna look like i wanted
small screen as well as a lot to screen and uh… any of this this last for the laws comment on all matters uh… it’s likely
that uh… the small screen is gonna be some things like uh… twin ten twenty four pixels uh… so if we made something uh…
belfast pixels we know that the uh… the website actually catch up more on
that score next is fluid affluent salon where it
actually will increasing disc decrease the size of the elements with on the
page uh… to expand on a lot to screen orchestra couple of small one what they’re actually doing is section
maybe percentage uh… it is increasing and decreasing in
percentages uh… you know i have to get my that’s
great afloat if i want is a lasting that’s on the
mall to look at it once today the thought things early on in some
pager based right up over fee so used a measurement for them and on uh… how life is a woman’s at
elements of the page uh… in terms of ends as you increase the four saudis the size of the whipsawed elements increases antique decrease font size uh… it doesn’t have this says buy seats radio fixed equipment so that some returns uh…
lovely times because they have a yahoo somalia sauce for all money ’cause no
one understands what the hell i cml since this access uh… it’s the pastry question honestly panel that main so i said i know what that means uh… makes my job a lot a lot of
talking to a client president html uh… this is the building blocks for a
web sites and it’s the origin and also that you
were thought to be displayed on brasser uh… street fourteen uh… but it controls the structure
oversized often daily says it’s too hot to look up to the stalling uh… solicit accepting marketing uh… beheading which is very basic just
text as i see a minority texas s_l_ install that by giving it ka uh… give it a different font we can
make the saudi a larger or smaller uh… effected by slid away anything
milk subsistence so that’s what that’s useful though that uh… flashing javascript uh… depressed useful plugins to it’s
not too late to had more functionality that both have ups and downs as to how
you should use them so uh… you’re going to see the wall using classroom
while using javascript actually creating it was uh… well uh… i stay in case they they call
it the treated cousins of one another uh… system with mac and p_c_ the uh… that was going to do the same job
that has been a reliable rear and uh… at what program are you off column on uh… these uh… that day what they do is tool to prices and they
also that extra functionality tactful was our order forms to what’s up uh… southerly to retrieve instrument
of thy smile eighteen said things into a database uh… made the ninety website a lot more
functional uh… takes it slow itself from uh…
some ecstatic something that intellectually tracks of the uses and
collect information i would love to fox on the web it’s
important to understand that you’re limited in what you can use there are
ways to use multiple different types of fonts but uh… a lot of fun as it is
difficult these whatever may have to say you’ll uh… whipsawed sent mud so the only reason you can’t afford to
someone can usually apparel computer what you want i guess the way you sound you’ve got a
different art forms um… withdrawal previously we got that serves about census and uh… sensors remains uh… sense fake nicely uh… with that face uh… sir planes with faced so user font
is at times based forms uh… say uh… links at the bottom so
times in georgia examples of others uh… you’ve got a real uh… older dot uh… these examples of uh… sensor phones so long there are there are more examples of
that that you can actually use the you’ve gotta look up on one font website
fonts at eight forty should you be bringing
with them which article is on the way it can be
confusing again uh… some of her to go out that seem
like i’m a little bit printing cyan magenta yellow and black uh… we’ve got to they were talking
about the screen which is regrettable uh… when it comes to uh… the whip colors that are specific
alleles other tend to have a lot of payments alright jsut uh… imprinting we’ve got p_m_s_ colors
which is the pattern matching system uh… but all along but hexadecimal
colors and textures and colors of a series of six members of letters and uh… any actually for the
installation create uh… color is that you want to slam on so an example would be uh… success in a row at your watch uh… six zeros that’s black uh… and it is a combination of that’s a lot
of it for three three six someone that uh… do not know what that is left of
my head um… the other is thing that you know
about those is the time the contract item two degrees though is that we’ve
got six series through twenty three zero isn’t lexical sensing so this is a
breath of working on but he’ll be out of course uh… made so we can just reduced the
amount of trade which which slightly increases the efficiency uh… so we’re looking for colors on mon
what you wanna do is find hexadecimal pals two of the stuff today and and we’ve
looked at lapse and have it can be a flew fixed elastic uh… we’ve looked at uh… colors in
the hexadecimal ranges open phones uh… did it uh… that has all those uh… phrases
intense such as i said now it’s a sense that i used to confuse my points on a
daily basis uh… hopefully fan that useful uh… if you did for the values please
linda coming in the comment section below otherwise if you didn’t find
useful don’t comment on someone else’s the um… if you’ve got a question seeing leave at
least questions that principles completed uh… otherwise i guess we will see you
at the next video thanks for watching oxygen eckstein

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