Web Design Tutorial: How to Check Browser Compatibility in Previous Versions of IE -HD-

Today we are going to be taking a look at
how to check browser compatibility in every web developer’s favorite browser, Internet
Explorer. Now Internet Explorer is the problem child
of the web development world, bit it is still used in current and old versions by a good
majority of web users. Now luckily for us, Internet Explorer does
offer the ability to revert back to older versions with its developer tools so that
you can check compatibility. Now to find these tools, go up to the gear
icon and then down to “F12 Developer Tools” or you can press F12 as the shortcut. Now in this panel you will have many of the
same options that other browsers offer in their developer tools, but the one that we
are looking for is the menu called “Browser Mode.” Now you will see that my browser mode is currently
set at IE10, so all you have to do to simulate previous versions is to select them from the
menu. So as you move down the list and select older
versions of Internet Explorer, you will see that more current features such as CSS 3 effects
and HTML 5 formatting will be shed away. So it’s always a good idea to double check
your website with these older versions of Internet Explorer as many web users don’t
upgrade as often as they should, and will be seeing your site in an outdated browser. Now if you want to refine your preview even
further, you can go ahead and change the “Document Mode” menu options as well, but I usually keep
mine set to “Default.” So I hope you find this tool helpful in creating
a seamless experience for all of your web users. Now as always, if you enjoyed this web design
tutorial, be sure to subscribe, rate, comment, and share it with your friends.

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