Web Development

Web Development

Hi. I’m Steve Huffman. Eight years ago I started reddit.com, and more recently I started hipmunk.com as the lead engineer. When I started these websites, I basically knew nothing. So everything I learned, I learned through trial and error, and I had many lessons learned the hard way. This course is basically going to be me teaching you those lessons. So we’ll take it from the top, we’ll start with internet and browsers, and how they fit together. We’ll talk about form validation, databases, APIs, integrate with other websites, and we’ll even touch on some scaling issues. Throughout this course, we’re going to be building a blog together, and by the end of the course, this blog’ll be fully functional, online for anybody to use, with user account registration and the whole deal. So, I’m really excited to get started, and let’s jump right in.


  1. I really don't know what to say
    I am studying over Syrian Virtual University
    But Actually Udacity is way better
    Thank you <3

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