Web of Science – Saving Marked Lists

Web of Science – Saving Marked Lists

Save your search results from Web of Science by saving Marked Lists in your personal profile. Up to 50 Marked Lists can be saved, and each Marked List can hold up to 50,000 records. Return to the lists each time you enter Web of Science by simply logging in to your personal profile Add and delete items as needed from your lists over time, building customized sets for export to Endnote, InCites or other tools. After adding records to your Marked List,
click the Save button to store them permanently in your personal profile. Sign in if you haven’t already, or register
to create a profile if you’re a new user. Once signed in, give your Marked List a name and description. It will be saved permanently in your profile. To view saved Marked Lists click the Open/Manage button. Click Edit to rename or change the description of your Marked Lists. To add records to an existing Marked List,
be sure the intended list is open. Search and add records as you normally would, then go to the Marked List and click the Save button to ensure the newly added items are saved permanently. Enter the name of the existing list, and confirm when asked if you want to replace the existing list The new record will be saved alongside all other marked items. Once your marked list is saved you can use this to build a set of items for export to Endnote, InCites or other tools. To combine existing sets together, open one of the target lists by clicking on the title. Click Open/Manage to return to your lists,
then open the second list you’d like to combine. Choose the Add option from the dialogue box to append the original list to this one. When the new list is created, click Save and give it a name. The prior two lists will still be present
in your profile.

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