Web Payments (Chrome Dev Summit 2016)

Web Payments (Chrome Dev Summit 2016)


  1. I need some help understanding something, that's been bothering me for a while. Is the Payment done completely in JavaScript? I mean, does it send the information directly to PayPal, or does it collect the User info for me, and my server does the processing?

    Because the first one seems rather unsafe.

  2. As of July 2017 – in order to use Android Pay with PaymentRequest over the web, you need to apply for a merchant id via Google Form "Android Pay Web Beta". Has anyone completed this and successfully received a merchant id, or even heard back from Google after completing this form?

  3. Hi there. I have one question. If I have several payment options on my website. One of them is online payment and the second is cash on receipt. A customer wants to pay cash when he takes his package in the shop, and he wants to order it online. How can I achieve that with payment request if it works only with online payments? Thank you.

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