Welcome to the Nanodegree

Hi, I’m Mike Wales,
a program manager here at Udacity. We’re very excited you’ve decided to
take this next step in advancing your career, by enrolling in our senior
web developer nanodegree program. The Web and the capabilities
we’re provided by browsers has changed significantly
in the past few years. That’s what this program is all about. You’ll learn from amazing Googlers,
many of which have worked directly on the specs for
these exciting new features. Through the course of this program,
you’ll develop a series of progressive web applications, making use of
features like service workers, push notifications, device center
access, and home screen installation. Furthermore, you’ll start analyzing
frameworks and technologies to figure out the best tools for you and your
applications to work most efficiently. By the end of this program, you’ll
have a compelling portfolio that shows employers you’ve mastered the latest
technologies within our field, and you can develop web applications
with many of the features only native web applications
have enjoyed in the past. So good luck, and have fun learning.

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