What is Cloud Computing? – Amazon Web Services

What is Cloud Computing? – Amazon Web Services

Whether you’re working in retail or real estate with financial data or photos your business depends on Applications that run reliably and securely [at] it costs. [it] scales with your needs Amazon Web services provides a complete set of cloud computing services [access] [via] the internet to help you build and run those applications At aws we provide compute storage and database services which enable your organization to quickly provision the it resources It needs without significant capital investment Pretty much everything you would want [to] do in a traditional Data Center is available with aws But all our services are [available] on a pay-as-You-go, basis with no upfront capital expense Instead you’ll find highly durable storage services low latency databases and a suite of application development tools Which will only pay for as you’re using them Since aws has hundreds of thousands of customers across 190 countries, you’ll also benefit from our economies of scale delivering powerful resources at a low operational cost Capacity planning becomes easier – in a traditional data center launching a new application can be a bit of [a] gamble Provision [too] many servers, and you could end up wasting money and time Provision to few and your customers might not have the best experience with the ability to add and remove capacity elastically your application can scale up to meet your customers needs and scale back [down] again quickly saving you money and While we could talk about provisioned [Io] performance and durability statistics all day long we often hear from customers that the biggest performance Improvements come from their own team’s ability to deliver innovative new features to market more quickly With aws development teams are able to focus on adding Differentiated [value] for their own customers rather than on the heavy lifting of racking and stacking servers This helps drive innovation by making new ideas feasible that were once out [of] reach Experimentation is fast and [low-risk] making it possible [to] try out new projects which would once have been constrained by cost or resources successful experiments can go into production quickly And you won’t have to live with the collateral damage [or] cost of those that didn’t pan out in today’s interconnected world It’s possible for any company to have end-users across the world from our multiple geographic regions Aws helps businesses serve their customers globally without the need for expensive time-consuming Physical [geographic] expansion in a few clicks, you’ll be up and running reinvent the way you interact with technology with Amazon Web services


  1. normal hosting 1000% cheaper for 99% busines. Only big data and big businec can afford cloud and mainly from rich countries

  2. We have reached the end of our countdown – the most watched video on the AWS YouTube channel in 2013 is "What is Cloud Computing with AWS?"

    We hope everyone has a great 2014!

  3. today cloud tech is the evergreen.. most of the people dnt know about the cloud.. so it is useful to learn from the begining via youtube. it will be so helpful

  4. This isn't so much "What is Cloud Computing" as it is "What is Amazon Web Services' version of Cloud Computing and what are AWS's points of differentiation?" Not that it's a bad video because it's not, but certainly the title is misleading.

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  6. Even Pied Piper is transferring to AWS….Gilfoyle just shutdown the server room (aka the garage/Jared's bedroom) and said a solemn goodbye. #siliconvalley

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