What to cache – Mobile Web Development

So you might ask, how did I get this list of files that I used to my manifest? I could just list every file coming from a directory listing from my server. But I don’t want to grab things like Python files. So, the easiest thing to do is to get files that you know you’re going to need, like the images I knew were referenced. And the JavaScript files. And then walk through one at a time and see what happens when you try to run the app from the cache. Let’s try this now. Let’s take a couple of these files out and see what happens. Let’s save the manifest file, and go back and reload. Now remember, even though we downloaded a new cache here, what we’re looking at over here is not that uploaded content. We need to refresh one more time. And now you’ll notice that when I try to get this file from my application, it just fails. Now, if I had put in my manifest file under the network section, star, that would mean anything could come from the network. I find it’s a useful trick to not use network Star because then you can see what’s failing.

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