What’s new in Material Design for the web (Chrome Dev Summit 2019)

What’s new in Material Design for the web (Chrome Dev Summit 2019)


  1. I'm definitely not a designer but this is exciting! I feel empowered to make some actually good looking pages without making them identical to a million other pages.

  2. Loved getmdl.io then it got discontinued. Leaving me redesign all of my projects for my clients. I love the development of MD, but I don't need that as a framework for angular etc, and more like a jQuery library. And second, as fast as Google is killing it's projects, what are the chances that is not going to get killed off again in 3 or 5 years, leaving me redesigning all the projects again?

  3. chrome is heavier than firefox, doesn't support extensions like firefox for mobile. eats a ton of ram, still can't hold much tabs open on android.

  4. Dark theme is great. The only thing I don't like is the tag name. It's too long to remember. I have to look up every time I touch material.

  5. I'm missing the Quasar reference on the page linking MD open source projects. They are way better than the others.

  6. https://material-density.glitch.me/ is currently broken and it fails with this error msg: https://www.dropbox.com/s/uq5nbvalx33rdd0/Screenshot%202019-12-02%2012.33.21.png?dl=0

  7. Nice concepts, but Angular Material is still lacks few important basic stuff, not even saying about these new features. Few important things it misses are:
    1) Custom theme color palette dynamic generation (now you need to use either built-in or third-party generators, then paste dozens of Sass code into your app).
    2) Advanced theming for, say, different app logo for different themes (now this could be achieved by only manually mixing Angular Material and plain Sass approches).
    3) Themes lazy loading. For example, I have 30 banks with different themes, and I want to load only the styles current bank needs. This also could be implemented by organizing Sass properly, and then using Angular built-in bundle lazy loading mechanism with custom name in combination with <link> insertion into index.html.

  8. Its an improvement, I guess. Although I find the theme system here to be very weak. Changing the colors and border shapes of buttons is, like, nothing. Thats something near every theme engine can do.

  9. I wanted to use material design components web for my current project. Sadly it’s extremely unfinished: a lot of components are missing. Also everything but intuitive to use. So in the end I‘m going with Bootstrap again and applying Material Design stylings to it myself. Also only pure CSS since JS effects still hit performance quite a bit. You can do better Google…

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