why you should learn web development ?

why you should learn web development ?

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institute why you should learn web development? lets start 1.freelancer
Being a freelance so that you can work in your space and time. 2. Create stuff
Being a web developer gives you the power to create new cool things. If you can imagine
it you can build it (or kind of). You don’t need any kind of material – just your knowledge
about web development. 3. Low Starting Costs
Starting with web development costs very little. Assuming you already have a computer and an
internet connection, you only need some webspace when you website is ready for launch – and
even this can be free. 4. Share it with the world
Websites can be reached from all over the world. If you think about, you realize how
powerful this is. You can literally reach every person on this planet. 5. Job market
The web is still growing and web developers are a scarce resource that have good chances
on the job market. 6. Mobile Devices
With mobile device getting more powerful, there are even possibilities for web developers
to create cool stuff 7. Fast Results
Unlike traditional desktop programming, web development gives you instant results. No
more dump “Hello world!” programs anymore. 8. It’s easy.
Beginning web development is relatively easy – you only need your web browser and an editor.
Both should be installed on your computer already. Don’t get me wrong, it takes a lot
to develop great web applications like e.g. Google Docs, but barrier of entry is very
low. 9. Being creative
Web development let’s you express yourself. You can try everything you want and share
it with the world. 10. It’s Fun
Most important, web development is a fun experience.

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