WordPress vs. Joomla! Comparison Between Most Known CMS Websites

WordPress vs. Joomla! Comparison Between Most Known CMS Websites

Hello everyone and thank you for joining
me today! We are going to compare two the most popular CMS for creating
websites – WordPress and Joomla! If you ask what CMS means, so ‘CMS’ stands for a
‘content management system’ that allows to apply changes to the website without
touching code. Prior to comparing these two software’s, we will take a closer
look at each of them separately. WordPress is one of the most famous CMS systems. Today, it is following more than 60 million sites all over the internet
and is used for over than 40% of the websites based on CMS. WordPress is a
free opensource software powered by such programming languages as PHP, HTML, CSS, etc. It has multiple plugins, widgets and themes, which make WordPress fully
customizable and expandable. WordPress software is perfect for blogs and media
websites and does not require having any technical skills. This is the reason why
WordPress is highly recommended for beginners updated add-ons and publishing content has become easy as ABC Along with that, that security corresponds to regulations. You will be pleased to know that Walt Disney company website, the
LinkedIn blog and BBC America’s multi-site are powered by WordPress.
Although, there are tons of advantages that WordPress has, we still have to
mention a couple of short comments. Since WordPress is easy-to-use, it limits your ability of making significant visual changes. With that being said, you will
have to hire a designer or developer to help you update the webpage structure. Joomla! is the second widely-used CMS
after WordPress. It does not require high level of technical experience like
Drupal software does. By the way, Drupal is the third most popular content
management system which is good for people with well-developed technical
skills. So, Joomla! has a variety of themes and plugins, near 6000, and powers
applications of all types – from blogs to corporate internet. It is based on PHP
and MySQL. Joomla! is perfect for e-commerce sites, it operates them better
than any other CMS. If you need to make your webpage more functional, feel free
to go ahead with Joomla! extensions database. There are thousands of them and many of them are free. Their extensions are represented on different options
like plugins, languages, files, packages, moduls that have features pretty similar
to the ones that WordPress has. Joomla! is found to be powerful and flexible, yet
user-friendly and intuitive. These are the main things the users love about
Joomla! So, we are going to compare WordPress and Joomla! based on the
following parameters: usability, security, support, and add-ons. Let’s roll into it right now! Usability. WordPress software is well-known for its simplicity and quick 5-minute installation. This makes it available for
beginners and new users to run their site or blog in seconds. After WordPress was installed, the user finds comprehensive interface with clear menu
allowing to proceed with posts and pages or to customize the website’s look. Joomla! installation is not so quick as WordPress’ but way easier. When Joomla! is installed, the user is redirected to a dashboard. It is not so
intuitive and easy as its competitors and there are far more menus which may a little bit confuse the client. Security: both software’s have a reliable security system and react to security vulnerability promptly. They allow
extensions for backups and are enabled to enhance security efficiency. With that
being said, WordPress and Joomla are good to go when it comes to security
regulations. Support: WordPress has a strong support foundation along with an
extensive user community. The clients can get an assistance at support forums. They also can use guides, documents, manuals, video instructions, and much more useful
resources. Support for WordPress can be either free or paid. If you need to
resolve the issue quickly, search on such a platform as UpWork where you will be
able to hire an experienced specialist. Fortunately, there are many of them. Both
WordPress and Joomla! have a rich support base. The difference is that it is hard
to find developers for Joomla! software and it may take time to get a good one.
Add-ons: with the help of a huge selection of themes and plugins, more
than 38,000 by the way, WordPress allows user to change the websites look quickly
and easily. At that moment, you will be able to install themes or plugins from
the official WordPress site and this is absolutely free of charge for those who
prefer premium add-ons with the exceptional support option, there are
tons of paid themes and plugins. Joomla! offers templates and extensions just
like WordPress does. But the quantity is not so impressive and this makes it hard
to find add-ons that will perfectly match your requirements. Joomla! does not allow installing templates and extensions from an admin area
which lets WordPress win in this fight. As a whole, Joomla! may seem more
flexible than WordPress, though WordPress beats Joomla! when it comes to usability,
support, community, and the variety of add-ons. But still, content management
system should be chosen based on the client’s purposes. If you have a site
with basic interactivity like a contact form or social media integration, and are
not going to improve that, so WordPress is the right choice for you! For those
who are going to constantly tweak their website, so Joomla! is better choice
anyways. Prior to choosing one of the software’s, take a closer look at your
business plan and decide for yourself, whether your website will need further
adjustments. This will help you to make the right choice. Hope, this short guide
was useful for you. So hugs for everyone, my dear, and see you the next time!


  1. Joomla is far secured than WordPress. WordPress password encryption is very poor using MD5 hash algorithm without salting. This make it easy for hackers to replace an admin password with easy. Joomla on the other hand uses latest php mcrypt enscryption technology and salting.

  2. What does she mean by Joomla does NOT allow installing templates and extensions from admin area?
    THIS IS NOT TRUE AT ALL. Joomla allows installation of template and addons from admin area. Besides, you can directly install an extension in Joomla admin area directly from the vendors website without downloading them first.

  3. I looked at books behind I knew that nothing good I would hear. No books about Joomla nor WordPress , how sad. Only in Poland were over 25 published about Joomla and 11 about WordPress.

  4. Joomla hands down when it comes to security and development. Most of the good developers I know use Joomla or Drupal.

  5. Thanks Alexandra! You are great i am totally inspired specially your expression, accent, your eyes your voice really soooper doooper <3

  6. If i want visitors to submit articles (Once registered as users) which will be published once approved which CMS would you recommend the most ?

  7. From reading the comment it looks like WordPress has BIG security issues and is not good for professional sites? Is this correct?
    Also, thank you for the video.

  8. Нашего человека можно узнать сразу. Потому что мы говорим "аштиэмэль" всесто "эйчтиэмэль"))))

  9. Can anybody tell me how to develop user registration and tracking pages using joomla, and similar stuff like tracking account activity for task based website, please provide some video or text references, thanks in advance

  10. I don't understand why you are telling lies about Joomla?
    Believe or not, the main reason why WP is so popular is because the internet is overflowed with videos or posts where WP fans telling lies about Joomla.

  11. The only reason why WordPress is so popular is because is so much easier for a developer to create a website for a client…So people that don't know end up with a wordpress site.. Joomla is SOOOO much better than WordPress.

  12. My mother lost her whole website with Joomla. Yes it's backed up but what good is that we do not want to start all over again as it was already all set up in Joomla. She is not computer savy! It wouldn't let us log into back end all of a sudden then it disappeared from google search and host wouldn't help it wasn't even live they kept telling us to contact web designer…. why? And no help available from Joomla at ALL. Tons of money down the drain as we can no longer contact the web designer that was years ago. He told us to never update Joomla its too difficult so it was an old version. No idea how to get it back as it must be able to be found somewhere if anyone knows anything please help

  13. It shows us, if you want a professional web sites joomla is a good choise, but if you have limited knowledge of web go wp and suffer when you want to develop your page. Wp has limited plugins even for free or paid. Joomla has more extensions more than wp

  14. Tried WordPress, Site got hacked in a few weeks, even though no sensitive information was on at all, duo to being a test site. Was working with different Joomla Setups since first major Version, never got a single site hacked, had far easier time to modify and customize the site to my needs for free.
    The whole comparison of this video is subjective and only in favor for WordPress without any detailed analysis of real facts.
    Get your facts right or mention at the start that you are gonna talk about a topic you have no clue about.
    Better just remove the texts and talking out of the video and leave a pretty girl with background music, that way the video has a good purpose for others.

  15. Thanks for all / but background music is not suitable for this type of videos and its volume is high.
    Thanks for your good and enough clear express indeed.

  16. Too many inaccurate statements in this video. First of all to get some terms right, “Software” does not have plural like “softwares”. Also Joomla “Templates” are “Extensions” for Joomla, in a similar way that “Plugins” and “Modules” and “Languages” are “Extensions” for Joomla.

    An example of a very inaccurate statement: “Joomla does not allow installing templates and extensions from an admin area”. You need admin privileges to install extensions from “an admin area”. If you don’t have such privileges, then you cannot modify what you are not allowed to, in a similar way that you cannot install software on Linux or even Windows if you are not root or administrator respectively. Not to mention that in WordPress if a plugin has been installed, then the only way to re-install it is to manually unpack it and copy all files and directories using the file system, ssh or ftp, and this is exactly what the WordPress site owners are happy to do. Otherwise you get an error.

    Another example of an inaccurate statement “WordPress software [……] does not require ANY technical skills”. There is no single WordPress site owner that would agree with you.

    Another example of an inaccurate statement “It is hard to find developers from Joomla software and it may take time to get a good one”. Not only this is not true, but usually a bad Joomla developer would most possibly be an X WordPress developer that just quit and wants to learn OOP and MVC to finally get some skills.

    Another example of an inaccurate statement “If you have a website with basic interactivity like contact form or social media integration and are not going to improve that, so WordPress is the right choice for you”. Wrong. A static HTML site is the right choice for you in this case. Like in the old days.

    For those interested to learn why WordPress is considered one of the worst CMSs, all you have to do is check the WordPress MySQL “prepared” (they call them) statements and you will automatically know what 40% of the internet runs on their servers. No need to talk about the rest of the Carbonara, or that it stores absolute URLs in database, or or.

    While I would like to encourage such videos to be done by authors which have done at least some very very basic study on the subject, I do understand that I am on youtube.

    By the way, shame on the developers that installed WP for the 3 companies you mentioned.

    Life is good.
    Much love.

  17. wrong!!!!!!!!, Joomla is hard to use and It need experience developer to monitor. Video is mix up with Drupal. Terrible, I rate -3 out of 10

  18. Horrible music destroys it all. Cheapness made by TemplateMonster. Bad advertisement for this firm.
    "Press code": does the girl know where she is talking about? The symbol shown is wrong… Cannot see this longer that 20 seconds. Too bad because the topic is interesting. Hope makers at Template Monster can make an update without this horrible music and I hope it will get a lot of views!

  19. Please don't aim the camera at the side of your head while speaking. It reminds me of the Carson Daley show and it is irritating watching the camera view switch back and forth.

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