WPPayForm – The Most Stunning and Smart Payment Plugin for WordPress

WPPayForm – The Most Stunning and Smart Payment Plugin for WordPress

So, you have a product to sell or a webinar that you are rolling out or just taking in donations for some charity works and you want to get paid online via your Stripe account introducing WPPayForm The most secure and high converting payment plugin for WordPress users to receive online payments via stripe. suppose you need to take a payment on your WordPress web page just go to WordPress plug-in
directory and install WPPayForm setting up this plugin and connecting with your stripe account is so easy It won’t take more than a couple of minutes you can set up your payment form from
predefined form templates drag and drop the input fields that you want to exhibit to your page enabling users to choose from more than one payment items and the
desired quantity is a necessary functionality for any online business and WPPayForm lets you set up this functionality with ease Just tweak the form a bit and you can take donations with WPPayForm too enabling users to set up payment amounts is one of the most useful features of this plugin WPPayForm can be a
great payment processing plugin if you taking registration for your
upcoming events or webinars these are just a few examples of what you can achieve with WPPayForm so try the plug-in and you’ll see the possible uses are virtually limitless WpPayForm plug-in makes online payments easier for you and skyrocket businesses revenue and not just stripe with the p;lugins pro version it will be able to connect your PayPal account too Add payment options easily to your side and fit your brand and website design not just that make sure your payment forms are not awkwardly breaking down on mobile devices you can even customize a payment button with a predefined amounts of services Or include additional questions clients
are required to answer when completing payments Once the payments are submitted all the completed payments can be seen from the entries section payment status also can be changed from paid to refunded along with these amazing features in the
plugin’s free version WPPayForm Pro comes with some more powerful functionalities to make your life easier and your venture more profitable with less efforts but whose unique and complex programming skill to set up and deploy high-performing payment forms with WPPayForm Not at all using WPPayForm is so easy that anyone can operate customize, payment forms and
receive online payments fluently with the plugin so grab WPPayForm right now and start getting paid with zero hassle


  1. as a native english speaker, I am sorry to tell you the english is virtually indecipherable. It looks otherwise like a very professional video but I cannot understand what you are saying.

  2. Ok – I gotta say, I was also reluctant to try this plug (much because of the narration of this video, seriously – fix it, guys!), but I went ahead and gave it a try, and I absolutely love it!

    I've been struggling with accepting payments on my website for well over 12 months now – I'm a very technical guy and I tried everything out there, and yet nothing was simple enough, powerful enough, priced reasonably enough – till I found this plug.

    I purchased it, and I love it – Stripe payments + email notifications + metadata sent to Stripe + multicurrency (very important to me) + custom form fields + recurring payments + …. A STEAL PRICE! Really, can't beat it.

    I don't know the developers, I'm just a happy dude.

    Keep it up, guys.

    P.s. If you'd allow me a small feedback, I'd like to see an easier way to style the form (though CSS is not THAT big of an issue).

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